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  1. The common theme across every fishery that ever crashed was the widely held belief that it couldn't be harmed. I know, I know...the Jack Fish ruined Lake Manitoba...not poor management and people.
  2. There you have it: Hubris.
  3. Here's where the big ones are going. We all knew this, but here's a video post on fb recently. Here's a link to the video if it's not loading.
  4. Sam I am

    Winnipeg 2017

    I was up last weekend. It was my 3rd trip of the year. I canceled my rooms for my March trip. Call the Hamilton House...2 rooms just opened up for the 8-11th of March. There's a ton of Walleyes in LW, but debatable how many big ones. Big fish seem to be in decline. Pick any reason you want, but it's a fact. The big fish are nowhere near as prevalent. That doesn't mean you won't catch one...or multiple...but you're going to have to work. If you're not in the fish, move. If you find fish, but not bigger ones...move. I'm a mover...I'll move 5 times in a day easy. I know guys who will wait it out all day and they might be the guys who catch some big fish, but they're usually the guys who only catch a few eaters and nothing big. just my opinion. Good luck and above all, don't let all the fisherman completely devoid of courtesy be justification to abandon yours.
  5. Sam I am

    Otter Ice Shelters

    Assembled and standing tall and proud in the garage. Even got my wife to sit in it with me, but got "the look" when I suggested we "break it in". <sigh> Anyway, it's a pretty nice piece of gear. I only assembled 2 of the three seats as that will generally be how it's fished. Directions were straight forward. The only thing adverse I can say about the assembly was my fault. I mis-drilled one of the back support rod holes in the back flange of the sled. So...I have an extra hole for some fresh air. I may just slap some gorilla tape on it to cover it back up. Nice work Otter...happy so far! Has anybody modified the rod holders by combining two Otter rod holders together so each fisherman can have the ability to put two rods in the holder? I think I may give it a shot. Sam
  6. Sam I am

    Towing Otter Resort with Snowmobile

    Ratchet strap tarp...that's a good idea. I don't think it would be too hard to make one of wouldn't be industrial, but it might not have to be depending on where it's being towed.
  7. Sam I am

    Otter Ice Shelters

    Seriously. I was on Otters HSOforum last month...everything was in stock...went back there and checked...3 of the 4 XT1200 shelters are out of stock on Otters HSOforum. Only thing I can think is that they shipped them all to retailers?
  8. Sam I am

    Otter Ice Shelters

    Pulled the trigger last night. I went online to order my new Resort and...Otter is OUT OF STOCK already?!?! So...I called up to Scheels to see if they were going to be getting any Resorts in and they said, "We already have them in and we only have three left...they're flying out of here." So, I jumped in the truck and got up there to get mine. It almost fit in the back of my old Tahoe, but I did have to tie the tail gate down. Last year all the Resorts were gone way early...apparently Otter underestimated the demand for an $1100 fish house. I hope they made more this year. I sat in the display at Scheels for almost a half an hour...and couldn't find a reason not to buy it. So, I did!
  9. Sam I am

    Share your Favorite Ice fishing Photos

    My personal best...Caught, Photo'ed AND Released! 31.5" 12lbs 8oz
  10. Sam I am

    Otter Ice Shelters

    The more I think about it the more likely I am to go with the resort. Buy as much as you can afford, right? Space is a premium worth paying for...I think.
  11. Sam I am

    Otter Ice Shelters

    Great feedback guys, thanks. I'm definitely going with the Otter 1200, but haven't settled on lodge or resort. Leaning toward the lodge...but only because of the sportsman's caddy, which might be a really poor deciding factor. I could probably fab up my own box pretty easy...or build my own cross piece some how for the sportsman's caddy to fit on. From my trips on Lake Winnipeg last year, space is a premium, buy as much as you can afford and have the ability to haul. I only need to get it on my trailer.... Hmmmmm...maybe the Resort now...oh well, at least I have time to puzzle it out! Thanks again, guys!
  12. Sam I am

    Otter Ice Shelters

    Thanks BradHawthorne!
  13. Sam I am

    Otter Ice Shelters

    Well....I know it's only August, but I noticed that the new Otter ice shelter are available for order now. Here's my story and my questions. First: I'm sold on Otter. I bought an Otter XT650 Cabin last year and took 2 trips to Lake Winnipeg with it and several day trips out of Fargo. But, it's too small. I'm looking at either the XT1200 Lodge or Resort. I pull with sled, so the portability isn't a huge issue for me and I'd like to be able to fish with both my daughters when the rare need occurs. Leaning towards Resort. Questions: 1) Is the upgrade to the 1200 over the 650 worth it? 2) Can the 3rd seat in the resort be easily removed for two man use or is it a PITA? 3) Does the sportsman's caddy work well with the Resort or is it primarily designed for the Lodge and it's cross piece? 4) I see the weight and dimensions in the specs and there is a good thread on this forum that talks about the Otter Lodge vs Resort, but it's two years that feedback still valid? Sounds like a lodge will fit in a short box with a tonneau cover over the top, but the Resort will not. 5) Weight wise, I'm not worried as I rarely fish alone, but after a day on the ice, and the propane heater running all day (CO2 and H2O are the bi products) how much water does the quilting in the 1200 absorb? Is it a BEAR to get back on the trailer or in the truck? Sorry about geeking out with the chemistry....but that's a lot of water: 3CH8 + 5O2 > 3CO2 + 4H2O. Thanks for any insight...and answers.