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  1. Good question. I've never clocked it. I would guess Leechlake is close with his estimate. I can tell you with two guys, a dog, a pile of decoys, etc it still moves reasonable, it puts up a small wake as she goes. Obviously you can't ski behind it or anything.
  2. 14' Meyers rowboat, 5hp outboard (1956 Sea King), Dilly trailer. Rig comes complete with lifetime trailer license, tongue jack, tie down strap, spare tire, oars, gas tank, motor lock. Motor was recently tuned up, starts and runs great. New water pump, new carb kit, new fuel hoses. Trailer lights work, tires in good shape. I don't use this rig anymore since I bought a big water duck rig and would like to get it out of the yard. I don't text, please call for further details. 612.240.8878 Rig is located in Maple Grove, MN
  3. A variation on going4it's theme. Use the same big game rope hoists, add a pair of pulleys ($3) and an old light duty boat winch ($8-10). Mount the winch on a wall, hang 2 pulleys above it, hang the 2 rope winches up in the rafters spaced slightly less than the length of your portable, and run the ropes from the hoists over to the pulleys and down to the boat winch. (Remove the boat winch cable or strap and secure the ropes to the winch spindle). I made 2 slings out of scrap ropes that slide under/around the portable. Clip the hoists to the rope slings. Quick and easy. (Be sure to use ratchet straps or other pieces of rope to tie the house up once you hoist it up into position.)
  4. Start doing some 'net surfing. I've recently purchased 3 different chips for my Humminbird and managed to find them for less. $91 - $105 depending on the chip I was looking for. Some of the box stores put them on sale occasionally, there are also some big online retailers that have them too.
  5. A good Thurs evening a few weeks ago.......
  6. Man, I can't believe not one person is interested in these babies. That "other" fan thread has a ton of good ideas on what to do with them. Can you picture how cool it would be to have the FIRST twin fan air boat on your local lake?! Or the pair of kick-butt margarita blenders you could make? Not to mention how you could be twice as "cool as a cucumber" with them.....
  7. Not at the moment, but that could change depending on what a new owner might use the fans for. I guess I should have specified "free - to a cat free home." I didn't think of that at posting time.
  8. Remodeling, they are no longer needed. Fan bases and blades are white. Each has a small 3 bulb light kit. Everything works. OK shape. In Maple Grove. [email protected] Pics available. (Sorry, there are no Unicorn or KC Royals stickers on them.)
  9. I'm remodeling and have two windows to give away. White. Wood frame. One pane pivots, the other stationary. Screens included. (one screen has a couple of holes in it.) 47" x 34.5" Ok shape (not excellent), but I hate to just throw them away. Good for a shed/fish house/garage? Pics available. [email protected] In Maple Grove.
  10. Free ammo to the first person who claims it. My neighbor is cleaning up his Dad's basement and found a partial box of old Super X 32 Remington Silver tip cartridges. 170 grains. 14 rounds. Just trying to dispose of them in a responsible manner. [email protected] Located in Maple Grove, Fridley
  11. I've also been checked many times over the years while fishing, while duck hunting and while pheasant hunting. All have been very professional encounters, all very friendly except one in Wi (I think the guy was having a bad day for some reason). I've actually had two MN CO's help me load my 19' duck hunting canoe onto my truck after they watched me paddle in very stiff headwind for 30 minutes to get to the landing after shooting hours - with the comment "let us help you, you look pretty wiped out after that paddle." We've had the same Iowa CO check us year after year while down there pheasant hunting, he's getting to know us by sight now. He's even paused his approach when he noticed a few of us were trying to wrangle our dogs into position for some pictures. He didn't want to get the dogs all riled up until after we got the shots. Very cool of him.
  12. B@ssmaster

    ghillie suit?

    I'm glad I'm not the only one to have experienced 2.5" long razor sharp talons coming at my head, that kind of excitement needs to be shared! It's something you don't soon forget.
  13. B@ssmaster

    ghillie suit?

    My father bought me one years ago, I wear it bowhunting quite a bit. They work quite well, actually. I have had several hunting partners comment on how well I disappear once I quit moving. As far as catching parts of it in the bowstring, I solve that issue with an old arm guard, I put it on over the suit to hold the "flaps" down. I actually had a great horned owl come at me once while sitting in my tree stand wearing the suit. (I must have been blending in quite well.) I watched it swoop into the area and sit in a tree for a good 20 minutes scanning the area for food (presumeably) before it locked eyes with me. Then it leapt out of the tree and silently started gliding right at me. When it's talons came up, I realized that all it could see were my eyes, and it must have thought I was a small critter in a tree cavity or something, until I moved. Scared the bejeebers out of it, it beat a pretty hasty retreat.
  14. B@ssmaster

    Water Spout!

    Last summer my uncle watched as a waterspout formed about 50 feet offshore and headed right for his 14' rowboat. It picked up his rowboat from the shore and flipped it over onto the beach. There was another boat beached about 20' away, it sat untouched. I was in the driveway at the time about 100 yards away, and the weather was clear with only a very slight breeze. Had I not been there I wouldn't have believed it. Turns out that the impact cracked the motor mount of his 2 year old 10hp near the pivot point. He figured the insurance company would never believe him, given the weather was calm, but the person who handled the claim said that it happens way more often than most people realize, apparently waterspouts are fairly common.