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  1. I have heard of people shooting deer from their house but always wondered if it was actually legal. From looking at the regulations it doesn't say it isn't legal. Am I correct in assuming that if a person see's a deer walking along the woods they can shoot out of their house at it.
  2. Looking at the hunting regulations: it says anyone under 12 must be both of the following: (1) Must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian (6) Must be under direct supervision and within immediate reach of a parent or guardian and possess a free license But those 12 and 13 only need to be accompanied by a parent. What is the difference between being accompanied and direct supervision?
  3. I am looking at getting my 11 yo son a bow for christmas, he has been shooting the Genesis, and would like to start hunting next fall. Has anyone done much of a comparison of the Ranger III and Menace, they both seem reasonable but was wondering if anyone knew any pros/cons comparing the two. Price seems close, draw weight and length are similar, and actual weight are close. Probably the main question would be is one better quality than another, other advantages? Thanks for suggestions
  4. I have always thought about giving up opening weekend to see where people are, but never wanted too. Definitely with GPSs people go farther. My hope was that most people were staying within the first 1/2 - 3/4 mile of a road or trail. Which may be true but it is actually hard to find places where there isn't a road for atleast a mile or more. Thanks for the input.
  5. With the requirement to only use Portable stands over the last few years, what is the hunting pressure like in the Chippewa National Forest. Mostly I am looking at north of Grand Rapids area? There is a lot of land but is it still heavily hunted, or is there much open land where a person could get away from people even if you had to walk say a mile. Looking at a map I couldn't find somewhere i could walk a mile and get away from all roads and trails but i might not of looked enough yet. Also how would the hunting pressure compare to say Suomi Hills and Sugar Hills areas? Anybody have experience in these areas? I don't mind walking in over a mile if I can get away from people to hunt. Would that be possible in any of these three areas or other similar areas that you would recommend?
  6. I am looking for someone who deer hunts in the Burrows Lake Area and North? If you wouldn't mind could you send me an email: mnwild14 @ yahoo . com. Thanks
  7. Where did you find the menace, I am looking to get one and I am also in the Grand Rapids area?
  8. Thanks for all the help, I was a little hesitant to put out the 200-250 if I wasn't sure of the benefit. Now I just have to find a way to purchase one, I assume you can't find to many used ones.
  9. Does anyone use portable stands when they are sitting all day? I am trying to find one that will be more comfortable that I can sit all day in. The ones I have I can last about 4 hours in but there is no way I would make it all day.
  10. Most people hunt the edges of swamps by looking for the main trails coming out and the trail following the edge. But does anyone have experience actually hunting in a Cedar Swamp? Is it worth trying to set something up in the middle somewhere. Looking on a topo map I don't see any high ground, so I am thinking of just walking through and see what I see.
  11. Does anyone know of any Free GIS Software which shows Topography? I just started using the DNR Garmin program and imported the data to Google Earth, which is really impressive. But now I would like to be able to see that same information on a Topo Map. Is that possible? I read some previous reports which made it sound like it was, but all the referenced GIS software wasn't free. Or is there a better way to do what I would like to do? Thanks
  12. I upgraded last year to a new bow, and to Beman carbon arrows. This fall for some reason over half my arrows have the nocks pulling out. I never had a problem until during hunting season I was taking my arrow off the string and the nock just pulled out. Throughout the season all the arrows in my quiver have lost their nocks this way, and a couple while target shooting. I assume if they were press fit I would be able to just press them back in, but they don't stay, so am I correct in assuming I will just have to glue them all in? Is this common among others, I was just surprised to see so many come out at the same time.
  13. When looking at the topo maps, what sort of things in particular are you looking for? The itasca county site is very nice for my area, but I question what sort of things are best to look for.
  14. Does anyone know any good websites or suggestions on using topographic maps and aerial photos to find stand placements. I have the general gist of looking for saddles, benches, and funnels. Are there certain things to look for on the edge of swamps as far was where they might be going in and out? How big of difference would it take on a saddle to affect the deer movement. Maybe I know all I need to know with the exception of just appling what I know. If nothing else maybe I will see about posting a general topo of an area I am looking at and see if others agree with what I am looking for. But if you know of any good websites or articles that would be great.
  15. Do you know of any sights online that show good pictures of the anatomy?
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