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  1. Is the flx 28 worth the money im thinking about buying one I would like a little feed back on it good or bad . is it worth the money I have a 22 now thanks.
  2. hi pat tried to pm you would not let me open seat in boat i dont deer hunt you can pm me if you want to.
  3. i had this problem with mine the bolt back out, it was rubbing on the hub it was only a year old this was last winter .this winter i got one hole drilled that gear in the gear box sheared the rivets would not drill at all this year it is two years old.
  4. is any body had troulbe with the rod splitting between second eye to the tip ihave two of these rods both have done the same thing . thanks
  5. need help ibought a genz inline reel the box said right or left hand , need help on how to change to left hand??
  6. Ijust got off the phone with this arrowwood I ask them how thick the ice was she said it was only three inches thick with 8inches of snow I would like for some one to make it clear on how much ice i s realy up there thanks what lake giong to be fished on . would to bring 4 Wheeler
  7. i bought thermal lodge last year very happy with it i had a little trouble with velcrow on it i called there customer service they ask me when i was giong to be done using it for the winter i told them by that date they had sent me a new canvas there customer service was a-1 yes there canvases are made china
  8. i signed up for free trip to florida they called on monday and said i had won the trip. she gave me the company name, and did a little ckecking on the computer it was a time share trip no thanks.
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