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  1. Juan Grande

    Full Moon Rat Fishing

    I got out twice the full moon weekend. Most fish came on chatterbaits, but got a couple on the rat right at dusk.
  2. Juan Grande


    I'd be interested in buying a couple chatterbaits. How much?
  3. Juan Grande

    Off Season Deals

    They have Luck Craft Slender Pointer 127MRs on sale at Cabelas for $5.99 (11 color choices).
  4. Juan Grande

    13 Fishing Omen Black 2 rods

    I bought an 7-3 Omen Black 2 last year. Like bassfshin24 said, quality rod with good sensitivity. I did have one of my guides come unseated. It didn't fall off, but you can rotate it around the rod pretty easily.
  5. Juan Grande

    Black Friday - Local Options

    Gander as Aetos baitcasters on sale as well in various lengths and actions. The Aetos comes with a limited lifetime warrant too.
  6. Juan Grande

    Black Friday - Local Options

    Not sure if anyone on here uses Fenwick rods, but Gander has a Cyber Week sale on the Fenwick Aetos for $79.99. I think it's last year's model, but regularly priced at $179. It's got a skeleton reel seat for increased sensitivity and lighter weight. Not sure if I'll like that or not, but just bought one to replace a rod I broke this summer.
  7. Juan Grande

    Weekly Bass Reports

    Sweet pic smalliehunter! I like the dog's reflection in the water.
  8. Juan Grande

    Bass Photos

    Wow, congrats to you both! Was there a ton of boats out there this weekend?
  9. Juan Grande

    Bass Photos

    Dang! Maybe you should change your name to "trophylargiehunter!"
  10. Juan Grande


    I've been using paddle tails and twister tail grubs as trailers this summer. I wish more companies made bladed baits, but I've just been buying Z-Mans because of the availability and price.
  11. Juan Grande

    4 stroke care

    I said oil, oil filter, lower unit, and plugs gets expensive to do every year. Probably close to $100 just for the parts.
  12. Juan Grande

    4 stroke care

    Dang, 8 quarts?
  13. Juan Grande

    Seth Feider second at LaCrosse

    Just sick RumRiverRat on them Tony, he'll give them all they can handle
  14. Juan Grande

    4 stroke care

    I do lower unit lube every fall and change the motor oil, filter and plugs every other year. Five quarts of high quality four stroke oil, oil filter and new plugs gets expensive to do every year.
  15. Juan Grande

    Seth Feider second at LaCrosse

    Yeah, but you're not legitimately winning a tournament if someone is telling you where to fish and what to use. That should actually ban communication between anglers during the tourney, at least on the water.