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  1. Does anybody even use this site anymore. There hasn't been anything new since early Feb. and no answers to questions.
  2. Anybody been up to Morson lately. Pretty quiet on this site. We are heading up for ten days on the 22nd. Hoping for some reports.
  3. We have no problem catching walleyes on LOTW during the open water months during daylight hours. We have never been able to do good through the ice during the day. Not a problem during late afternoon. I fish out of Morson and have a trailer at Mylies. Any help as to general areas and depth would be appreciated.
  4. Just came back from a week of fishing at Morson. Snow machines and track vehicles have no problem getting around. Lots of roads plowed for the tournies. Walking in the snow was no fun. Lots of ice. Starting seeing some slush. Don't need any more snow. Crappie fishing was great, average 14". Walleyes for us were slow, lots of smaller good eating fish. Hope to get back in a couple of weeks.
  5. Anyone have any idea where Vic and Dots do their crappie fishing?
  6. What size hole do you drill when fishing lake trout on Whitefish Bay. Looking at getting a new auger.
  7. Enclosed. Going to install a heater. We have a trailer at Mylie's. Thanks for the reply.
  8. We have tracks on our machine. Haven't been to the portage in years.
  9. Can I get a side by side over the Turtle Lake portage to get to Whitefish for trout fishing?
  10. Got back from two weeks at our trailer at Mylie's. Duck hunting was so-so. Good shooting on Ring Necks and mallards the first week, very slow later on. Had some diver shooting one day and the nothing. One of our worst years. Fishing was good, not great. Did not find the fish in the usual Fall spots. Got almost all our fish in deep depressions 25-30 FOW. All were caught on jigs and minnows. Lost a tremendous amount of fish. Stinger hooks didn't help. Didn't even try for crappies. They just were hitting anywhere on the lake. Closed our place down until next february.
  11. 61 degrees when we left. We are heading back around the 7th. Dick
  12. Got back from two weeks at our trailer. Walleyes were tough at times, but we hit a couple of real good days. 1-1/2 hours and 17 fish, two were under 15" and the rest were from 16-27". Bottom bouncing with spinners and minnows, current areas, 20-30 FOW. Crawlers seem to have slowed up. We did manage one good day for crappies. We caught over 40 and kept 28 nice ones. Went back a few days later and couldn't find them anywhere. Duck hunting for our group was very slow. More geese than ducks. Started to see more ducks the night before we left. Heading back in two weeks.
  13. Got back from two weeks at our trailer at Mylies. Fishing was a little slower than earlier in the Summer but we got a lot of fish. Plenty of small walleyes. My wife got her largest of the season - a nice 27" fish. We managed three limits to bring home. Nothing under 16" and nothing over 18". All were caught on bottom bouncera and spinners with crawlers. Depth varied from day to day. Most of our action was in Miles along shorelines and around the islands. We did have some great crappie fishing. Three limits. On our last day we kept 15 fish from 14-17". All were caught on crappie rigs with minno
  14. Just got back from 10 days at our trailer at Mylie's. Good fishing, not great. Had to work harder for them. Many of our usual spots were not producing. Fished a big reef to the West and did very well dragging bouncers, spinners and crawlers. Fish were off the reef in 20-25 FOW. Worked shorelines East of Morson and got our bigger fish there. Also spent some time in Miles and caught a lot of fish around the islands and NE corner.Had to do a lot of sorting to keep the ones we wanted. Many of our friends fishing with jigs didn't do very well. Seems the fish were scattered. Some nice muskies caught
  15. Just got back from two weeks at Morson. Good fishing, not spectacular. Lots of nice fish - 16-18". Many fish around 15-16'. Most were caught on spinners and crawlers. Got some first week on reefs, but after wind, cold fronts and mayfly hatch started to pick them up back on shorelines, 17-20 FOW. Biggest was 25". Got 10 nice crappies in 29 FOW. Some still had eggs. Where we got the crappies the Mayflies were coming up so thick the locator couldn't penetrate. Didn't get to do any muskie fishing. Most guys said it was slow. Back in two weeks.
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