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  1. Picking up my new wheelhouse in a couple of weeks. Was just debating if I want to run a traditional coffee pot vs percolator. Let’s hear the pros and cons to each for those who have compared each? Thanks!
  2. I just picked up a TB 32" Deadstick last night. I am new to deadsticking so looking for any advice before heading up to LOTW this weekend. Just wondering how everyone sets up their deadstick...which rod holder do you prefer? I have a "dangler" right now, will that work or too much vertical movement? Which jigs work best for deadsticking? When detecting a bite, do you set the hook immediately or open the bail and let run for a bit? I have heard both methods work. Thanks!
  3. I am upgrading from my JR 6 rod soft case to the hard otter rod case, due to the $$ i have invested into rods. Now I have lost the nice compartments the soft 6 rod case has to hold my tackle and gear. What tackle box do most people prefer for ice fishing? Soft vs. Hard. I do about 30% portable/70% wheelhouse.
  4. Ignoring the fact that one should choose a pup from the breeding pairing rather than the time of the year.... What are the pros/cons (when talking about training) of getting a pup that is whelp in the spring vs. fall. I would like to get my pup in the water ASAP - this gets much harder for pups whelped in the fall due to our MN weather...will I have issues training them in the winter? Are these first few months that vital? I am sure there is a topic out there somewhere on this? What have people noticed? Ideally, I would like to get my pup this spring, get it in the water throughout the summer, bring it along on fall hunting trips the first season to watch and learn from the verterans. It may not happen this spring and I don't want to wait another year.
  5. This is just a secondary source for a basis on my decision. I have been looking at the NAVHDA for PP NA and UT test results, researching breeders and breed lines, and I have already talked to and visited breeders. As mentioned in the first post of this thread I plan on attending NAVHDA events. I constantly have my lab and GSP buddies telling me to not get one. My friends have not done the research or witnessed PP first hand. By asking for negatives of owners I am trying to reinforce my decision.
  6. Alright. Lets hear it. I want to know about any cons or dislikes people have noticed first hand with pudelpointers. Things I am already aware of: Coat inconsistancies (I think a good breeder will help that) Expense (expected) Wait time (expected) Please don't post if you want to come pair to other breeds or if you have not hunting or have had in person contact with them. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for all of the input! After hearing the comments and doing more research I have bumped the pudelpointer to the top of my list with the rest of wirehairs behind. It is my goal this spring to go to a NAVHDA test day and visit some breeders as well. I would like to get the pup Winter/spring of 2014. Any one know if there are waiting lists for a PP? If so, how long?
  8. I am in the market for a new pup. I have been doing a lot of reading on the web. My goal is to get out and hunt and socialize with a couple of breeds before I make a final decision on breed. Then the search for a breeder Laying out my reasoning below I am considering the following breeds. Pointing Lab, WPG, GWP, DD (not worried about eating a few cats) or PP. I have hunted with labs, pointing labs, GSPs, and springers, never a wirehair. Things to consider: 1) My hunting consists of waterfowl/pheasants with an equal 50/50 on how much I spend doing each. I hunt mainly in MN but make it out to SD and NE for both waterfowl and pheasants. Also, I hunt early season and late season, so temps vary to the extremes. 2) I plan on having my pal indoors, my lady wants a lab, she knows she won’t vacuum enough; I dislike hair from shedding everywhere. 3) There will probably be newborns in my life in the next 5 years. Do I have to worry about temperament? Or if any of these breeds are socialized enough at a young age will this not be an issue? 4) I have access to a reputable trainer that is experienced with pointing labs, GSP, GWP, etc… 5) Is it possible to find what I am looking for? An all around stellar hunting dog that is great at home and with kids? I would really like to go with one of the ugly dogs – however I like to be different (rather than a lab) – I find a strong point attractive – I find steadiness in the duck boat attractive. Thanks!
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