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  1. I only salt mine. Usually on the way to the lake. I tend to get more action when I use more salt than what the average guy probably uses. Try maybe 2-3 tablespoons of salt for a scoop of minnows.
  2. It is not required to salt your bait. If a CO is checking for salt then he should probably learn the regulations. That said, I tend to do better with salted bait vs frozen or dried bait.
  3. ammoman16

    Best auger

    From what I've seen, most perform well for the average guy if maintained well, so the statistics can easily be skewed just by the sheer volume of the various augers on the market. I'm not saying anyone's opinion or experience isn't relevant, it just may be a little incomplete. There are some very good augers on the market that most people have never even heard of, let alone seen.
  4. ammoman16

    Best auger

    I always like topics about the "best" something, where virtually nobody has experience with everything being discussed. How many people have tried a Husqvarna or Stihl auger?
  5. There are probably better tools available if you need to use an extension. For me, the real need that this fills would be early and late season when you're dealing with ice less than a foot thick. I don't really see this as something to replace a gas auger. When you're only dealing with 3-12" of ice, you can cut the weight of the extension and the extra battery and the weight savings is pretty substantial vs. a gas auger.
  6. I suppose weight savings and the fact that you may already have the drill are the only reasons at that point.
  7. I've seen many of all sizes shot and they are completely uneventful.... until you provide an ignition source nearby. I saw about a 60 acre field go up in flames as a result of that. Needless to say, the fire department wasn't to pleased and handed that individual a very large bill.
  8. I understand the frustration, but often times these roads go right to some of the best spots on the lake and there's no way you can reserve a spot for the season by plowing a road to it.
  9. Otter still does make 1 man houses and lists them on their site. If weight is the primary consideration, Otter is probably out of the question though. http://www.rapala.com/Pro-XT1200-Shelter-Package/Pro%20XT1200%20Shelter%20Package,default,pd.html
  10. You're actually going to probably want to use lighter gear than that for the rainbows unless you're consistently getting into really large fish. I typically use light and ultra light rods and 2-4 lb test for rainbows. My single favorite lure for catching rainbows is a #2 Swedish Pimple. Lake trout is a completely different ballgame though. You're heavy walleye gear will work ok unless you find big fish. A medium heavy rod anywhere from 36-48" with 10-15 lb line is about perfect. With the depths that you tend to fish them at, I would strongly suggest braided line in order to get good hooksets. This can present a little bit of a problem when fishing outside, so it can be nice to have multiple rods. As far as lures go, there are tons to try. Spoons, tubes, airplane jigs, and bucktail jigs tend to be pretty consistent producers. Some of the stuff you already have for walleye can be used but you will also want to have some larger tackle in the box so you can figure out what they're looking for on that particular lake/day.
  11. I'm on my third season with mine and mine just started leaking about a week ago as well. Tried calling Jiffy today but unfortunately they are closed for the holiday. I do have a question though. How did you hook 2 tanks up?
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