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  1. countyline

    Teddy Bridgewater

    Did you just mention, say he played under Childress AKA chillypepper? Unreal and thanks for the info. Thanls for the proof. Dude really? Chilly drafted him, and or he played under him? fail!!!!!! Thanks for the proof, BTW!
  2. countyline

    Manziel Debate

    Do you guys have his pictures on your night stands? Other than the few in here, who really cares? Bromance at its finest!!!! That or he is able to do what you never, or could have.
  3. countyline

    2014 Vikings head coach is....

    Chicago and soon Detroit went the other way. With what they have on offense, going with a defensive minded coach will equal door step for the next few years. MN needs a offensive minded coach with a quit but strong D coordinator.
  4. countyline

    Vick the starting QB 2014

    Totally fits the Purples MO.... Why waist a draft pick like Flonder when this guy will be available. Enables them to fill other spots of need other than the QB.
  5. countyline

    Green Bay Packers

    ???????????????? Comparing Wallace and Young is like sunny side up to rotting eggs. They both suck!!!!!! Now Wallace to Ponder....... Only thing different is Ponders has a better winning percentage and better completion percentage, however not by much. nTeow, Tebow!!!!!! Go Lions!!!!!!! Just hope they dont play stupid Lion football for the last eight games.
  6. countyline

    Green Bay Packers

    He lost to the Bears. Bigger rivalry than the queens to true football fans and or vikings fans.
  7. countyline

    Green Bay Packers

    Its the fact that history more than likely repeats it self. Plus the fact that the last few/current Vikings QB's and Lion QB's have a better winning percentage than he will ever have. Tebow to!!!!!!!!
  8. countyline

    Green Bay Packers

    Slice and dice how you want! All of his playing time for the most part in Seattle was mop up duty, or fill in as he is now. He backed up a former Green Bay QB. His career numbers speak for them selves. He may of have had "good" receivers in Seattle but he never had a completion percentage over 65% in any year he had major starts. Look at his overall completion percentage for a career. It's only 1.2% better than his last game in GB filling in. Which has been his career, filling in. He was never the starter unless Hasselbeck was hurt in Seattle. His time in Cleveland, Meh........... He never played a regular season game with the Saints, because he was never on the regular season roster. He was cut during training camp. He also never played a single game for the 49ers in regular season. He was never on their roster, other than preseason. He was there one week before asking for his release. 2013. He did not play or was not even on a team in 2012. Was released by the Browns at the end of preseason 2012. He also played WR in Seattle. Remind anyone of....... Joe Webb??????????? His playing time in Cleveland was a result of injuries to the current starting QB at the time. Hey but at least the Sea chickens got a draft pick for him!!!!! Lets take a look at his win/loss record..............Drum roll please!!!! 21 starts 6 wins to 15 losses. Lets look at that more closely! Ponder, t-jack and yes I am a lions fan so we will include Stafford. They all have a better winning percentage. Heck even Freeman doses "ouch". Tebow is even almost twice his percentage. Joe Webb is even better! Rex Grossman, Gay Culter, Orton, Cassel, David Carr, Josh McCown. I could list a lot more but I need to stop. Any one who is comfortable with him as the starter is drinking green kool-aid like no other. Why is Vince Young not on this team or any other????? The dude is not right in the head. Arm chair QB all you want. He is to short as well as he is only 5-11.
  9. countyline

    The Official Minnesota Vikings 2013 Thread!!

    The current Vikings QB's make this guy look like a HOFer.
  10. countyline

    Using a .223 for deer

    Maybe try a different load in that 700. Check your rings and scope. I have always thought of taking my 223 out. But with the Taliban running away after several hits I dont think so. If people run away a deer will twice as far.
  11. countyline

    Gophers-Cornhuskers parking options

    I'll rent you my parking pass. Get you nice and close two blocks away. You just have to come a pick up and drop it off. Sorry cant do that!!! The fair grounds are a good option. However you will be surrounded by the traveling team. That's where we send them.
  12. countyline

    McLeod Bethel-Thompson released

    Jim bob knows him more than from his college days. San Fran signed him as a undrafted rookie in 2011. Makes perfect sense picking him up. Has all ready been in their system.
  13. countyline

    Manziel Debate

    While this debate is very intrusting. You all hopefully realize that the vikings are not smart enough to finish in the right postion to have a chance of drafting him. Didn't think so.
  14. countyline

    Ponder for Freeman

    Time to pop some pop corn and watch this unravel.
  15. countyline

    Ponder for Freeman

    Maybe tomorrow big guy!!!!