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  1. Fishing has been very good, very little snow. Still a number of vehicles having safety issues associated with ice ridges. You'd think after a number of incidents people might wait a bit. Anyways certainly fish to be caught.
  2. December left us with odd ice conditions on Lake Winnipeg. No snow, ridges, cracks, open water have made for some tenuous travel. Also large patches of extremely rough ice have left a few areas less than desirable to travel. A few cms of snow the last couple of days was enough to take the new sled out. (Polaris Voyager 155, which is an icefishing beast) Jumped some cracks, that were wider than expected but made a full scouting run. We were rewarded with a good suspended bite on some big fish and lots for the pan. Even managed to tempt a goldeye on a rattle bait! Be safe out there, don't assume any ridge or crack is safe, test, travel in pairs, bring safety gear.
  3. I've been poor at updating this report section over the summer. A new gig as manager of Scott Lake Lodge has pretty much tapped any free time. As the season winds down here are a few tips to key in on lake trout and pike. Fall has arrived at the 60th parallel, the birch trees show this in a new yellow cloak. Geese are high in the skies riding north winds and water temps are dropping. This is a time of year you can key in on water temps and fish movements to score big time. As temps drop in the 50Fs whitefish and ciscos collect on windy shorelines or inflow/outflow in preparation for the spawn. A couple days ago we did just this at the outflow of a medium sized lake. Large pike and trout were stacked in 5' of water and looking for big meals. Large herring and whitefish patterned flies (6" or larger) elicited vicious strikes from these predators. Working baits fast was key. Now thoughts are starting to turn towards predawn vigils in the goose blind and getting on the ice.
  4. Well for a few moments this past weekend, it sure felt like it. No jackets, no gloves and a few greenbacks...man we waited a long time for this March run. Fishing was nothing short of spectacular All the details and pics are here: March 12 L Wpg Report
  5. In the blink of an eye the lake can go from calm and pleasant to a whiteout and howling winds. The wind whipped snow make the shore line invisible until I was 150 yards from it....a long drive looking at white from 10km out. Be sure you have navigational aids (GPS, compass etc.) make note of the time you start travelling and when you expect to arrive. Despite the weather there was no other place to be today if you wanted to catch 5-8lb walleye suspended high in the column and chasing baits like lake trout. More slush spreading around some ridges, all I saw today was visible. No pics today..weather was too poor to expose fish.
  6. Jason Hamilton

    Lake Winnipeg

    The slush has mostly frozen over, caution still advised around ridges.
  7. What a weekend....whiteouts, wind, deepfreeze and slush. Full detail on my blog here: Lake Winnipeg conditions
  8. Jason Hamilton

    Lake Winnipeg

    It is the frozen tundra. Probably one of the closest analogues to the actual far north one could find. Big open, windy, no roads and GIANT greenback. With the new snow right now your are fine with 1 extension, you can kick the snow away. After the next few days with the wind blowing and turning the snow to concrete, it might need more than a 12" extension. One thing Lake Wpg isn't is lonely, especially if you are catching fish!
  9. Piles of new snow out on the lake make it a year to love tracks. With all the white stuff its almost time for 2 auger extensions. Fish are shallow in the mornings 7' under 42" of ice and are hitting rattle baits well. Midday sees them slide out deeper this is where my 2014 bait of the year shines. 1/8 oz blade spoon in pink glow. Tipped with a tail hooked live minnow. Rip a rattle bait to bring 'em in then let them eat the snack.
  10. Pretty well everyone you talk to has the same topic of interest....the dam winter weather. Its getting downright cold! Wind from all directions, fronts, vortices and cold. Any chance of the fish getting into a pattern? Not even close. This winter has even Lake Winnipeg walleye acting like, well, walleye. The arm wrenching strikes on targets have been missing the last few weeks. The fish are still in the area but a lot of lookers are showing up on the Vexilars. Time to downsize. And again. Finally we found what the fish are interested in eating. 1/8oz Clam Blade Spoons in pink/gold with a tailhooked live minnow. When setting up the shack (because lets be honest there's not a pile of run and gun fishing in -40C) I drill 3 holes and use the center one for ripping a load rattle bait. The fish will still come in on this but want something more snack sized to chew. Travel is tracks only now and extensions are the norm.
  11. Planning on coming to Lake Winnipeg fishing?? Need a place to stay?? I can set you up in a cabin with full cooking facilities and heated shop. Located 10 miles from Chalet Beach access. Prime base for your greenback hunt. Send me a message [email protected] or call 204-797-6616. Will have photos available soon.
  12. Time to break out the extensions for Lake Winnipeg. Lots of snow, lots of ice and its been cold. Been getting into the fish suspended 5 or 6' off the bottom in 12-14'. Lots of bait going through the productive areas.
  13. Jason Hamilton

    Lake Winnipeg 2014

    Bring 2 auger extensions! Right now its borderline getting through without one. I've been having good success on lipless cranks, blades and small compact spoons (think clam blade) with a minnow head. No place for light hooks and connections. Could be a record on every drop. Travel is rough without a sled or tracks.
  14. After a week of being down with some sort of bird, pig or monkey flu it was great to get out onto the lake, put the new ride through the paces and catch a few fish. The morning started out in a whiteout with little to no visibility. We tried a few spots in deeper, clear water and came up empty, with few fish showing on the Vex's. Made a move towards the mouth in 10fow and hunkered down for a bit. As the wind blew itself out and the sun came out so did the fish. Not a big numbers day by any means but the quality could not be beat. We couldn't catch small fish!! Ice thickness ranged from 12-18" where we drilled. There is some rough ice and some cracks/ridges, however not a pile of snow, travel should not be an issue...however more snow is in the forecast. Gotta love tracks!
  15. November 30, 2013 The Red River has fishable ice in several locations ranging from the Float Plane Base (4-7") to End of Main (4-10") among other less traveled locations.I have found ice up to 10". Fish in the Red have been hitting early in the morning and the bite has died for my by 10am. Try 15-20'. Lake Winnipeg out from Matlock has 7-9" of ice fairly consistent out to the first ridge. After that...watch out. NOT SAFE! Spent a couple days scouting around and fishing with limited success, water is very dirty. Access at Chalet Beach could be an issue with ice ridges built up. More fishing to come this week, check back again soon.