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  1. I was wondering where all our birds went. Sounds like they made it to Wisconsin That sure is neat to see those pictures. Sounds like the days we all dream of going out on a diver hunt. Nice work.
  2. Keep looking man. Just because a spot had birds on it last year doesn't mean they'll be on there the next. We've had a weird rice deal this year in this area. Over a dozen lakes that I know of that usually hold the thickest rice around are bare now. But there are a lot of birds in the area, more so than year's past. I'd say keep looking, but then again the walleyes are chompin right now.
  3. Wow, that's something. I didn't know that about him. Mike made some of the nicest calls around - Big Guy's Best. That's too bad.
  4. Tyler, I've got a buddy down there who is a custom call maker. He's a super guy and always looking for somebody to share a blind with.
  5. While I confess that I view jump shooting ducks a little like I do prostitution-- something more to be pitied then censored-- this aspect of waterfowling does have its devotees. ~Norman Strung, Misty Mornings and Moonless Nights
  6. knoppers... Palisade eh? I get down that way some...good country. Do ya know the Westons down there? From the sounds of it, I wouldn't leave that area to shoot some ducks.
  7. I run several of these. They're a lot easier than a jerk cord, more effective (if you run several) and do add some good motion in a spread. The Quiver Butts work great also.
  8. We've been seeing more birds around this year than the past several. LOTS of mallards, ringers, and wood ducks this year. I scouted one lake that had over 300 teal in it but other spots seem to have low teal numbers. While goose hunting and scouting, I've even been seeing widgeon, pintails, redheads, and even blackducks in huntable numbers. How long they'll stick around depends on the hunting pressure this year.
  9. These decoys have the SAME effect as a motorized spinning wing. They work great...when there's enough wind. Keep them lubed because they can get really loud if you don't.
  10. You're right...FA has been around for a long time. Ron Latschaw started making them a long time ago for a quick, easy way to put his clients in a field. He then thought he'd try and manufacture a few of them and look at where he's at now. You will not find a company with as good of people and customer service as FA. Gooseview is a local MN company, though, being made up here in Grand Rapids. I don't like the Gooseview fabric used, in that you can see through it it's so thin. I can't imagine it repelling water that well.
  11. Shot 3 that come in together a few years back in western MN. Only time I've seen them.
  12. I do hunt that area quite a bit. I'll be doing a seminar on waterfowling at the Gander there on the last Saturday in September. You should come check it out...along with anyone else on here from that area. Shoot me an email at mikekeller at minnesota waterfowler dot com. I can fill you in on some stuff.
  13. I've got a 27 hp Beavertail but have not test driven the other motors. These things are unbelievable - it's hard to pick up a paddle after using a mud motor. I haven't had any problems with it. I do like the electric start and it's not bad to handle. I like too that they are Minnesota grown.
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