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  1. Me and my BIL did this to my sister. She wasn't boisterous or drinking but very gullible. We gave her a scotch bonnet pepper and said it tasted just like a green pepper, which she likes. Needless to say, she stood by the garbage can spitting for about a half hour. She tried beer, milk, ect... but nothing helped except for time. I felt bad and I'm still waiting for the payback as I know it's coming eventually.
  2. I saw that one too, Duff. It's not widespread throughout the yard so the smaller, less aggressive one worked pretty good. If it's bad next spring again I'll be taking rundrave's approach.
  3. I aerate my lawn every fall but still ended up with too much thatch. I didn't want to wait until fall so I picked up a dethatching rake and hit the areas that were the worst. I then overseeded the areas with the hopes that the cool wet weather in the near future will help the seed get going. Time will tell....
  4. Is it too late to power rake or can a guy still do it now? I have a massive amount of dead thatch which would take forever to rake out. If it's too late is there a better tool than a plastic leaf rake to remove some of the thatch? It just seems like the plastic rakes don't have the strength to really pull up that thatch. BTW - It's not the whole yard but I do have some bigger areas (10'x10') that need dethatching badly. Lot's of dead grass matted to the ground in these areas. Thanks!
  5. Yep, that's a pretty good deal. That is the same one I have if you are looking at the MFC-L2740DW. OfficeMax just had toner cartridges on sale last month for $39.99 and they are good for approximately 1,200 pages. IMO you can't go wrong with this printer.
  6. The IBM 3800 was not that fast. They ran at less than 100 feet per minute if my memory is correct. Heck, the latest and greatest IBM 4100 toner based machine only runs at 380 feet per minute which produces about 1450 8.5x11 Portrait pages per minute. There was the 3835, 3900, 3900-001, and 4000 in between the 3800 and the latest 4100 too. The speed of ink jet and the cost of ink coming down is making ink jets more attractive in the printing world. The ink jet press we have here runs at about 500 feet per minute and Kodak has one out approaching 1,000 feet per minute. The electrophotography process will not allow toner based machines to run that fast so we will see toner based machines dwindle in the future and ink jets will be surging in the marketplace. HAHA - Depending on it's size we can print a whole crapload for you in just a few seconds.
  7. Yeah, that's why I asked how many color prints he does. If it's under a hundred or so a year then he's probably better off going to the copy center for $59.00 or less versus Black & CMY cartridges that probably run over $100 for the set. I've heard of that Epson product and that looks like the way of the future. They will really hit the cartridge companies hard when it is released. For you tech geeks, we have a large format Epson at our shop right now. It runs about 500 feet per minutes with dye ink. I attached a few pictures below showing the "document feeder", the dye ink bays, and the small workstation required to run the printer. It's definitely a technology marvel.
  8. I agree with Del and do the same thing. I pretty sure I have the same Brother as Del and B&W toner base is the only way to go. Your price for print is second to none with this printer. It also has scanning capabilities and a document feeder so you can scan multi-page documents and it also does duplex (2 sided) copies. You can download the software from Brother so you can scan and edit from your desktop or laptop. It's a pretty slick set-up. To answer your question above, yes the Brother prints color files just fine with everything there, the image will just be grayscale (black & white). Nothing will be missing in the image. One more thing to consider is how many color prints do you print? If it's not too much you can always download files onto a thumb drive (now about $8 for a 16GB) and bring it to a Kinkos or copy center and print them out there for a fee. You can print a heck of a lot of color prints for the cost of a new color printer and ink cartridges for it after the initial small cartridges run out. If I did't need a color printer for work this would be my route, Brother B&W and just pay the copy center when I needed to print color prints.
  9. The options above are all good. You can also save up some meat and bring it to a meat market and make pepporoni sticks or other varieties. A lot of the same meat markets that process venison will also process duck/goose into sticks and sausage. Of course your Von Hansons, etc.. will be higher in price, think small town meat markets for best cost. I also like to make duck/goose stew a few times during the fall. If I'm lazy I just use cream of mushroom soup and then tatars, carrots, onions, ect. and throw it all in a crock pot. Cube the meat and toss that in and cook about 6 hours on low. I'm usually lazy but sometimes make it from scratch in a pot in the oven or on a stove at camp.
  10. I hope you don't mind if I tag one on from my backyard. It was testing the reach of my zoom as they were actually in my neighbors tree. Nice mix of birds. I hope it shows up ok.
  11. I traced my power draw to the puck and it does drain the battery even with the power cable disconnected from the head unit. I ended up putting a switch on it like others have mentioned. Even with my puck powered all the time it still would have to search for position each time the unit is powered on so they are not all the same. I have a Lowrance unit if that helps.
  12. I saw this story this morning and thought I would share it for those that might have missed it. After being tossed a big curveball she just keeps on going. Very inspirational! http://kstp.com/article/stories/S3808770.shtml?cat=1
  13. Len, you have some pretty short TR’s. When you are out posting on the interwebs keep an eye out for a poster under the handle of Mexico Returns. Man, that guy can carve out some impressive TR’s. If you’re really nice to him he might PM you contact info for some of his contacts. I think you would enjoy a trip to see Tevin at the end of the Grand Bahama Hwy. He sounds like a helluva stick and a good time is had by all. Although, make sure you take all the precautions Mexico Returns advises as it may turn into a bad trip.
  14. I agree with Dave, it should be ok. The one thing you want to be sure to do is sweep all the granular fertilizer off your driveway and sidewalks. It will only wash into the storm drains and to your local watersheds. I always take a broom and sweep it into the grass. This guy echo's the same thing Dave and I saying. Myth Debunked
  15. Hey Eyeguy, you wouldn't be taking this egg poking to a new level would ya? CO Chad Thesing (Albany) reports a TIP call was investigated in which a man at an apartment complex was seen taking two Canada goose eggs from a nest. The man was found and interviewed and admitted to taking the eggs. The man had eaten the goose eggs for dinner. He stated that they tasted like chicken eggs, but the whites of the eggs were more rubbery. Enforcement action was taken for taking geese out of season.
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