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  1. The fox red we have is actually reg as a yellow lab
  2. We ended up getting a real nice lab female , A fox red color ..she is a terror already but we love her
  3. Absolutley you should take them ! I suggest using a ground blind that way movement wont be so easily detected "better your chances" but yes i agree i think this is extremely important for a parent! Good luck hunting with your kids and please if you guys harvest anything together please post pics and story in the Extreme Next Gen thread :-)
  4. JoePalermo


    Holy Coyote ! Nice work !!
  5. I heard from some folks the Red Cedar is wide open and fish are biting ? Can anyone confirm this ?
  6. Lake Magnor - Clayton WI Ice is pretty much off the shore lines . the boat launch is completly open as well as a big section out from the store . Wont be long and boats will be in there
  7. i take the canvas off and put it in a sealed tote ..never any issues
  8. It would be nice if the states would make a law in situations like this where the hunter who is in the woods all the time and sees this stuff "let them do what they can" but can a law like this be regulated is the question? there are idiots out there who would abuse it too ! IMO on my own private land i'm going to do what i have to too ensure the population is good !
  9. Wisconsin Deer Hunting Rule Changes For 2014: New Rules for Wisconsin 2014
  10. Its Unfortunate , If one were to call the DNR about it in time would they even do anything or just let nature take its course ? Kinda makes you wanna dump some corn in front of the lil fella but then again in some cases you'd be breaken the law . Tough to see but it is nature !!
  11. I got a Like New Jiffy 4G Ice Auger only used a few times I would like to trade for a Decent Graph with GPS for my boat or a Bow Mount Trolling Motor Let Me know ...thanks The 4G doesnt require oil mixed in with gas
  12. IMO since the NSC has taken over the MN DEER Classic it is getting better, as time goes on the show will prove itself! But really though it takes the people and these comments to really make the show worth the price of addmission. Come down to the show and give support if you really want this show to improve. Send in your comments , let the staff know your thoughts!The NSC has really good communication and they care about what the people want. Just My 2 cents
  13. Midwest Extreme Outdoors will be raffleing off a Brand New Clam hunting blind at the Minnesota Deer Classic March 9 booth #43. Raffle tickets will be sold throughout the weekend! Raffle will end at 4pm on sunday. 100% of all proceeds will benefit our fall youth deer camps in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Here is a couple pics from 2013 youth deer camp
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