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  1. I have had no issues with my 6500. It is not the insulated version but I believe the fabric is thicker than most. On these the dimensions are 102 x 102 at the widest point.
  2. How is the bass fishing on Cedar? I am heading there the end of this week to give it a go. Are the bass done spawning? What is the water temp?
  3. Heading to Star in a couple days to stay at my uncles cabin. How has the bite been? Would like to get on some walleyes. Any advice would be great! Thanks.
  4. Todd_B

    Soft plastics

    I am thinking about making my own soft plastic baits mostly flukes and worms. Does any body have any experience with the companys that sell the molds and plastic materials. Which companys has everyone tryed and which ones do you like. Thanks Todd
  5. I iced a fish I would like to have mounted. Trying to find a good taxidermist around Lacrosse to take it to. I have had one done before in Calidonia, turned out great but was hoping to find one closer to home.
  6. I agree kinda funny seeing that vehicle still in the ice, i drove by last night. After the snow you can still see the pressure ridge from the road. Expensive ice fishing trip.
  7. We got into a lot of fish Saturday but the disappointing part was the size. A lot of gills with the biggest only going 7 ", Crappies were 7-9 inches. We also managed to get a few bass topside, one was a fatty almost 20". Was hopping to get some panfish for the frying pan but will have to try again another time. Tight lines everyone and be safe.
  8. Good reports reports hookncook. I will be wearing my cleats tomorrow for sure. I have not had many opportunities on the ice yet this year but am going to hit it hard in the morning with a couple other ice heads. We are going to give jollivet slough a try. Hope I will have a good report to follow up with. Good luck out there everyone.
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