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  1. How does one value a canoe that has been damaged and repaired. I have an older 17.5' Wenonah kevlar canoe,I hoping to sell to my brother but want to come up with a fair price.
  2. heavyduty

    cabin rental

    lakeplace is another I have used.
  3. heavyduty

    Chromebook anyone?

    I have seen conflicting specs, but is it possible to connect a Chromebook via a HDMI cable to my flat screen and use a bluetooth key board/ mouse with it?
  4. heavyduty

    Finding Bigfoot in Minnesota

    If you were to ask my kids, Big Foot lives on my dads land. Thanks to my brother in-laws trail cam and my wifes photo shop program, we have p roof.
  5. heavyduty

    Septic Systems

    Mine was 7500 about 7 years ago. May want to check with the county, my county required a licensed contractor to do a mound system.
  6. Something like this could happen if the receptacle was under water and you were to make a path to ground. Could even happen if the GFI receptacle tripped and still had power in the box. Best bet is to do what you did and disconnect second chose would be to put a GFI breaker at the panel if the would be a chance of it flooding. http://www.startribune.com/nation/160717815.html?c=y&page=all&prepage=1
  7. heavyduty

    Over the air TV signal

    Try calling a local guy that doe s antenna installs. Thet should be able to give you a good idea what will work in your situation. may even have a truck set up with a boom and be able to do a trial run to show you what he can do for you.
  8. heavyduty

    New computer what to get???

    Bigbad do you have any more specs on your computer? The wife and I are looking for one to hook up to our big scree mainly to hold movies, some photo/video editing. We have a nice laptop that will do all of our other computing needs.
  9. heavyduty

    Cable TV at the cabin.

    Do you have a local Directv provider? I have friend that was a long time directv subscriber but directv would not work with him a a new customer type discount. When he contacted a local directv provider they worked around it by starting a new subscription at his other property under his wifes name, but the unit was installed for free at his original house, he had to pay a little extra for a second dish but in the end it will pay for itself. Then in two years when his contract is up he can switch back to his name on the account and back service back at his original address.
  10. heavyduty

    Water Line

    sounds like it might be a circulating pump that circulates hot water through out the house so you always have hot water at the faucet.
  11. heavyduty

    Drama, Drama, Drama

    I agree. these shows seem to start out pretty good but when they start introducing fake drama into the show is when they loose me.
  12. heavyduty

    netflix on Wii

    Check your internet speed.
  13. heavyduty

    Share good music

  14. Thinking about stocking up the freezer with some meat this spring and have a few questions. How much on average should I expect to pay for a side of beef,( farmer, cut, wrapped)? Do I contact a meat market/ butcher or should I find a farmer selling first. How much say/choice do I have in the cuts of meat. Any suggestions on where to go, I live near rochester, but will be working near St. Cloud for the next couple months.Also looking for a pig also.
  15. heavyduty

    Good Pots and Pans?

    I bought a couple of smaller fry pans from kohls that were not the cheapest but not not the most expensive but seemed to be good quality nonstick pans.problem is on mine the smaller one, the handle is heavier than the pan so when it is empty the pan does not sit flat on the cook top, so when preheating one side is in contact while the other side sits up about a quarter inch.I have bigger calphalon pan that the bottom while warp some what when heating so look for a heavy bottom pan.Also on the calphalon they recommend not to use nonstick spray only to use real oil,they say the gas used to propel the oil can damage the coating.