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  1. Schubie


    You,are so right. Life is the longest thing we have but it sure does go quickly. Schubie
  2. Bucketmouth Find someone that will rent you an ozone machine. Usually a cleaning company or carpet cleaner will have one to rent. My advice is to set it on a timer. Let it run then have the timer shut it off way before you plan to renter the room. Good luck schubie
  3. Jasper I have a 2014 crossover with the 150 4 stroke. I have troll control but not smart gauges. It does reduce the rpms to 550. (I took it in to shop to verify) I still am only able to troll down to 2.8 or 2.7. Others on the forum have shared they can troll slower with out plates or socks. I have not figured out how yet. Schubie
  4. You guys have any more or recent ice cracking stories? What is the widest opening you have crossed? Schubie
  5. Dotch I get your point. And am still embarrassed. We have small dogs walked all over my neighbor hood. Thought it had to be one,of those and never saw a cat till I caught this one after 11:00. Normally I'm asleep by then. And yes it was large for a cat anyways. Small for any lab,,,lol So far after chatting we are in great shape. Except the yard is tore up. But that will come back this spring.
  6. Here is the update. The guy who said he would let me use his video recorder has not let me use it yet. Last night I caught a cat in the act about 11:10. Kinda embarrassed I thought it was a dog dumping for so long. Got a few pics with the phone. I found out who owned the cat and talked to the owner tonight. They were very apologetic and explained they had a new rescue cat and they thought this one was rebelling. They are going to get it it's own kitty box tomorrow. ( I did not push it but wonder why they did not right away) I explained politely that I was tired of cleaning up after the cat. They seemed to understand and asked me to let them know if it did not get better. ( maybe should have pushed it but if the cat was not out it will not happen at all) Anyway. I will talk to them more if I get more dumps. FYI. Moth balls do not deter cats. Thanks all for any input you may have had.
  7. Thanks a lot guys. I will not harm the dog or cat as stated. I have a security cam that records coming. I will then chat with the owner. I was hoping for an easy spray or something for a deterant. But my yard is def the dumping ground. Either a small dog or large cat. My neighbor has seen a large cat around at night. But has not seen the deed happen. The yard is getting tore to heck so leaning the cat issue at this point but I don't rally know. I have a security cam on now but it does not record. So going to the recorder next. It has three drops per day. Getting old. I will report when I get a pic and hopefully find an owner. We do have a leash law but I don't want to bother police unless I can't get help,from owner when if I find one. Again thanks guys. Schubie
  8. Muskie junkie Where did you get the info? If a possibility I won't take a chance as easy as it is to take off. Thanks Schubie
  9. I truly won't harm/kill a dog. I would love to deter it ASAP. I love the sprinkler idea. May need to get a camera. Had a person tell me tonight to use a few mouse traps. ???? Might work. If I can find the owner I won't mind picking it up if they do not comply cause they will get it back. Thanks guys
  10. Del I'm not sure if it is loose or walked. My guess is it is on a schedule and my yard is now the "spot" whether walked or loose. Hoping to catch it in the act. I don't have a trail cam. All my close neighbors are aware. And watching for me as well. Hoping to rid the yard of this smell for its drop or divert it somewhere else. Had a sign up for a while with the [PoorWordUsage] under it on a paper plate. That did not get any attention. Or divert anything.
  11. Thanks guys. I like the motion activated sprinkler idea. I am more than willing to talk nicely to the owner to start and more than willing to share the wealth if it doesn't turn out well. I have talked to neighbors and they don't know either. Guessing it is happening while we are at work. I have owned many dogs and always picked up our dumps. Hate picking up other peoples. I think it is a habit right now and odd it just started a month or so ago. Time to find a sprinkler before it freezes. Schubie.
  12. Do any of you have some helpful hints at keeping a dog from using my yard as his dumping ground? This last month or so we have a dog dropping his dropping and scuffing up the grass. Usually two times a day and I can't catch him or her. Small. Breed I assume. I don't want to harm it. I am in small town with out an animal control but I would not know when to call them anyway. Thanks for any ideas. Schubie
  13. We went from a 19 foot glastron to a 18'10" lund. As others have said glass is much smoother. For us we went from a runabout to a fishing boat so the trade off is worth it. Glastron drove like a sports car. Lund drives like a truck. But both have their pros and cons however and even though I miss my glastron I am glad I have my lund. Price kept me from looking too hard at glass fishing boats. Schubie
  14. Harvey I like the way you think on this, but I don't think anything we say at this point will change the direction this train is on. What do they say when you contact them?
  15. Chad, I pull with a ford f150 half ton. Have pulled it with the 5.0 and now a Eco. Very easy. Actual length is probably 32 feet. I agree with leech with any used camper check what he mentioned. I would also add check plumbing and valves. I also think there are campers with better quality fit and finish as well as worse quality fit and finish. For us our keystone works as we need it to. Schubie
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