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  1. GeluNumber1

    My 1st time tip up fishing

    I personally recommend using a large gap single-tined hook with a medium sucker or a nice shiner 3/5 or 2/3 of the way down the water column, near weededges or dropoffs. I also keep the bait down via a 1/4 oz egg sinker pegged two or so feet above the line so they stay where they should. Good luck!
  2. GeluNumber1

    Favorite go to live bait?

    Spikes always find their way into my home. Mousies if I can find them.
  3. GeluNumber1

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    That's a hawg bbfenatic! Gald to see people are not only finding fishable ice, but catching fish!
  4. GeluNumber1

    MN A-Rig tips

    I would imagine you rig 4 up as dummy baits (no hooks) and make the one bait with a hook stand out from the rest in some way. Making it a different color or size sounds about right.
  5. GeluNumber1

    When is your favorite time to fish?

    Spring for anything in season, especially Bass and Pike.
  6. Bumped. Is the power plant open again for anglers?
  7. GeluNumber1

    Wbl Smallies

    Funny you had success - I too caught a smallie today. 4 feet of water on a bluegill-patterned chatterbait. Fought quite well.
  8. GeluNumber1

    Opening Day Weather

    I'm thinking a small jerkbait or a wacky rigged senko for Demontreville or White Bear. Might throw a lipless crank if they seem aggressive.
  9. GeluNumber1

    How often do you change fishing line?

    I change mono when it gets coiled up, about twice a year. Fluoro when it gets nicked, rough, or coiled, about once a year. Braid is my favorite of the three - I can stretch some line out for two years. Usually only replace it when I run low on it.
  10. GeluNumber1

    Opener lure line-up

    Dogfish, eh? I've never caught one of those. What lake is you cabin on?
  11. GeluNumber1

    Kinnickinnic River 2016

    fivebelow, I believe so. I have done so twice and never had an issue.
  12. GeluNumber1

    Getting riled up for the spring sucker run

    That's what I like to see. Fat, tasty suckers ready to be ground into fish balls. Nice haul!
  13. GeluNumber1

    Spinnerbait Brands

    I swear, I just can't catch a bass on a spinnerbait. I've caught dozens of Pike on them, but only one bass.
  14. GeluNumber1

    Kinnickinnic River 2016

    I ended up going. Caught 10 brown trout on a black rooster tail in the smallest size with silver blade. Used the McDonalds access. For my first time at that river, I did fairly well. Hope to go back this weekend.
  15. GeluNumber1

    Kinnickinnic River 2016

    Can you tell us how you did when you get back? I may go there tomorrow if it's not too shabby.