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  1. The deeper the lake the less you will see. In the summer it is neat to drift in the shallower water with it on. Last Summer we found some real nice crappies doing that. Mine gets fuzzy at about 20 feet and less at night. Fustrating when you see you the fish come right to the bait and then swims away. Good Luck and be safe.
  2. We went to S.Dakota last year and it didnt matter our area code, as soon as we said we were from Minnesota this guy was mad. He said "All you Minnesota people coming here to take our fish." Whats up with that?
  3. It depends, the last contest I went to they had the holes drilled(most do) and they gave us the bait. But everything else was up to us. Some contests they dont let you use a Vex. I would just bring it and ask if you can use it. As far as what to do with your stuff when you go to weigh a fish depends on how trusting you are. I usually just leave it at the hole. It only takes a minute or so to weigh it. I usually try to get a hole pretty close to the weighers. My suggestion is go a little early and ask the guys that are running it what you can use. Best of luck to you. I hope you win something. Good luck and be safe.
  4. Ears, the house is East of the Narrows out from the public access. Now we leave the door unlocked so they dont brake no more windows. The game wardin has been alerted that its happening so maybe he keep his eyes open. If anything happens again we might just have to hire canitbeluck to come down. Ha ha. Good luck and be safe.
  5. This is something that made me mad in this summer. We were out in the boat and this pontoon came by. This little girl about 5 years old was in the front with her feet hanging over in the water. The pontoon had to have been going about 15-20mph. If the water would of caught her foot wrong it would of flipped her in the water and he probably would of hit her with the motor. He would not of had time to stop. If I see them again Im going to say something to them. Sorry this is not about ice fishing but is something that made me so mad. Good luck and be safe.
  6. Ears, we wont get out there until the weekend. We work weekdays. When we go out this weekend I will check out your house for you. Hopefully they are done. Let us know how the fish are biting. We are really concidering trying another lake if it dont pick up soon. Good luck and save some for us. haha. lol!!!
  7. Go to the Vexilar web site, go to get help, to frequently asked questions about the 18. If your serial number is below 192501 you can send it in and they will fix it. The address is on the site. It has something to do with the software in it. Hope this helps. Good luck and be safe.
  8. Went out to the ice house this weekend and someone broke in again. Second weekend in a row. The only thing that was in there was my dads sunflower heater. They took it. Hes got gas lights on the wall and they took one of the glass globes for it. How stupid. They busted one of the windows on the door and reached in and unlocked it. We have to come up with something to catch these idiots. I just couldn't believe that they came back. I hope they try to use that sunflower because it has a gas leak. That will teach em. Anyway if your house is anywhere near Madison Lake, take everything home with you or it will be gone. Good luck and be safe.
  9. Could you imagine trying to get that bluegill through an ice hole. Impossible!!! Beautiful fish!
  10. Becca, I have a stepdaughter(shes 16) that goes fishing with us. She would rather go in the summer but does ice fish too. And when I was a teen a would beg my dad to take me fishing and to this day I love to fish. We go almost every weekend unless we have to work. Keep fishing! Good luck and be safe.
  11. Welcome... Lets hear some storys. Good luck and be safe.
  12. A guy we work with said his uncle had his house out on German Lake last year and some SOB drove up and hunked on, and drove off with the whole house. Hasn't seen it since. I have heard of many houses broke into on the Southern Lakes. Canitbeluck, we had that same idea but our luck we would do it and it would be the Game Warden at the door. That wouldn't be cool. We need laws like some of these other countrys, if your caught stealing, off with your fingers. Good luck and be safe.
  13. Went out to the permenant house last weekend and the lock was cut off. Must of been someone trying to steel stuff. We dont leave anything in there so nothing missing this time. The guy next to us said they got in his house too, and a house a little furter got everything stolen out of it. We learned our lesson a couple years ago. We had our house on Clear Lake in Waseca and got everything taken. Makes you so mad. Just a warning it is happening so don't leave your equipment in your house. The house was out on Madison Lake this year but I'm sure it happening all over. Good Luck and be safe.
  14. Yes you'll love it. You shouldn't lie to your wife. Eventually she find out the truth and you'll be sorry. ha ha. Like I said before I've been steeling my husbands everyweekend we go out so we decided were going to get another one. I can't wait. Good luck and be safe.
  15. I have probably only fished about 30-40 lakes but been on them lakes many times. I don't fish many rivers. My husband has probably fish 75-100 different lakes and rivers. It would take weeks to figure out an exact number. Good luck and be safe.
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