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  1. liebs

    Gas gauge issue

    I found a Glastron forum and did a search on sending units. One guy with a 1999 said that there's an access panel under the seat. I may have to pull the carpet and take a look. It's snap in carpet so it's not that hard.
  2. liebs

    Gas gauge issue

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I'll probably deal with it the rest of the summer and check out where the sending unit is located. I found them on Amazon Del and they get pretty good reviews. Most say they are easy to replace. I'll check for myself before ordering. My boat is kept up at the lake so I'll have to wait another week to look at it. Don
  3. liebs

    Gas gauge issue

    I have a Glastron 185 GX with a built in 29 gallon gas tank. Over the 4th, I launched my boat with a full gas tank and drove 1 mile to my dock. The next day when I took the boat out, the gauge read empty. I started thinking that someone had stole all of my gas. I stuck 4 ft of some 12 gauge wire down the filler cap and down the neck of the gas tank and came up empty. Long story short (I'll leave out the part of the Sheriff's report), when I went to the gas station to fill it up, it only took about 2 gallons. So now it looks like the gauge stopped working. When I turn the key on, the needle goes from below empty up to the empty line. Gauge has worked fine up until then. Questions: Where should I start troubleshooting? Float sticking? Gauge malfunctioning? Do these tanks have anything that would prevent syphoning in case I ever do have a theft issue? Does anyone use a locking gas cap on their built in tanks? I was told when I bought it that I didn't need one. Thanks...
  4. liebs

    dog ramp for boat

    I've seen them advertised before but can't remember where. Try google. I have a lab and we use a life jacket on her, even though she swims quite well. The jacket has a handle where you can lift the dog out of the water and onto your swim platform. I know this isn't what you asked for, just giving you another option.
  5. liebs

    Bulk Leeches..

    Where do find bait shops that don't sell leeches by the pound??
  6. liebs

    Air Compressor recommendations

    I have a Craftsman pancake compressor and it suits my needs fine. The only tool I run off it is a brad/staple gun. I've borrowed a framing gun from a neighbor and it worked fine. Larger items like impact wrenches and paint sprayers may require something bigger. I don't ever plan on using them though.
  7. liebs

    Boat seat care?

    Thanks for the tips guys. I ordered some of the 303 cleaner and protectant as well as some vinyl repair tape. The 303 gets excellent reviews online. I can't wait to give it a try. We had 3 new vents put in the pontoon cover last year. I'd worry about birds flying in if I left the doors open. I could probably rig up a mesh panel to insert in doorway and then leave it open.
  8. liebs

    Boat seat care?

    Our pontoon seats get a yearly build up of a black substance, not sure what it is. We are able to get most of it off by using Soft Scrub with a scrub brush and sponge. The pontoon is tied to the dock and covered during the summer except when in use. The cover does have 3 built in vents. Is this normal? What do other people use to clean the seats? Do you also use a protectant afterward? The seats in our fishing boat are also in need of a cleaning. That is stored in a covered lift with no cover on the boat. One other question about seats. We have a bench seat that is starting to split at the seam. This is on the arm rest so we'd have to remove the whole "L" shaped bench if we were to bring it in. Is there some sort of tape that anyone has had luck with?
  9. liebs

    Pontoon steering issues

    Thanks for the ideas guys. How hard is the steering cable to replace if that's what I end up doing? I'll try the things Box suggested first though.
  10. liebs

    New Trolling Motor

    I bought one last year and couldn't be happier with it. I have it mounted on an old 16ft Sylvan and it seems to have plenty of power. I got it for the same price as it is right now. I don't think you can really beat that price. I was able to find the co-pilot from someone on this board for $50. This is my first bow mount so I have nothing to compare it with, other than a 36lb stearn mount.
  11. liebs

    Pontoon steering issues

    We have an older Kennedy pontoon with a 40 hp Merc and console steering. We launched it last weekend and noticed that it was very hard to steer (steering wheel turned hard). I have no experience with steering issues and didn't really have a lot of time to look at it. What are some of the things I should be looking at to figure out the issue? The pontoon is up at the cabin so I can't look at it until Memorial weekend. I'd just like some ideas of what to look for before I get up there again. Any suggestions?
  12. liebs

    storage building

    Back in 2006, we had a pole shed built at our cabin. It's 32x28 with a concrete floor, 4 windows, entrance door, one 16ft door and one 8ft door. I believe all total it came to around $15,000. I'm sure the price has gone up since then. We did run our own electrical to it. I don't know what we did without one.
  13. liebs

    shower...No cold water

    I had a similar problem with my month old kitchen faucet. Worked fine until one night when I barely got any hot water out. After checking the supply lines, I removed the faucet handle and checked the cartridge. There was a small chunk of plastic sitting in the hole that the hot water was supposed to come out of. I removed that, rinsed the cartridge and everything works fine now. I just wish I knew where that plastic came from.
  14. So, after paying the repair guy $85 to come look at the microwave, he told me that I needed a new control board. The part is about $105, with labor it would come to $259. As this unit is 10 years old already, I told him that I could just buy a new one for that. I just couldn't see putting out the cash for a new one since everything else was working fine and I really like this one. What I did was to buy an 18" GE Xenon strip light, 4 magnets and some adhesive clips for the cord to mount under the microwave. Installation time was about 2 minutes. The light has 2 settings and is plenty bright enough for cooking. The lower setting works good as a night light in the kitchen. Best of all, it passed the daughter test. Thanks again for your responses! Don
  15. Thank you all for your replies. I've done my share of household wiring but have never tackled appliance wiring. I do have a volt meter but unfortunately, never learned how to use it. I've decided to heed your warnings and have called in an appliance repair person. Hopefully they won't try to charge me more than it's worth. They gave me the option of buying a service agreement for $259 for one year coverage. At that rate, I could just buy a new one every year. Pass... Years ago, this same store tried selling me a $200 3 year service agreement on a lawnmower that I bought 20 years ago for $130. At that time, the guy tried telling me what a great deal it was. I explained to him that I could just buy a new one every 3 years in that case. Never made sense to me to pay more for a service agreement than the product is worth. Thanks again for all your advice! Don