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  1. I would try the Annadale/Buffalo forumn too as that's in the same neighborhood.
  2. I've always wanted to do this, but I don't think I have anything near me that would qualify as good river backwater locations. Sounds like you had a good time.
  3. Even the warm days it's going to be at or below freezing at night. The sunlight isn't very direct right now either and getting weaker by the day so I'm not too concerned about it.
  4. I feel your pain. I get motion sick bad on the ocean and it doesn't even have to be rough. I have tried over the counter dramamine and it doesn't work for me. I would recommend a trip to the Dr. and see what he recommends if you have a serious issue with it.
  5. pikerliker

    Fresh Tracks

    Not sure how many of you have been missing the show On Your Own Adventures with Randy Newberg but I have. It was far and away my favorite hunting show as he was actually hunting on public land and not just shooting deer over a food plot, or on a managed game farm, etc. Well he is on another show now titled "Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg". It's basically the same theme just new name. Most of his hunts are Western US but I think you can relate some of his strategies to State area around here too. Like going where others wont go! So if you liked On your own adventures like I did tune into Fresh Tracks!!
  6. I have found the same thing coach with the 11-1 times. I have even flirted with the idea of not getting up into my stand until 8 or 9 and hunting until 2!
  7. I sent an e-mail to the DNR asking this exact question 2 years ago. I was told that there was no requirement for orange on a blind but that it would be wise to do so! I clipped a blaze orange vest to the top of mine and made sure I could see it from 360.
  8. I did talk to the guy he made the comment to and others that I know he has said stupid things to so they know what real hunters are about. If you try to tell the guy himself he just laughs like it's a big joke so I'm not sure if it does any good with him.
  9. Good tips guys. I've never tried this but it sounds like a blast.
  10. It totally depends on the kid. There is no way my kids could have sat in a deer stand for more than 15 minutes when they were that age. I would have loved to have taken them, but they were way to active and much too short of an attention span for it to possibly work. I did have them tag along once or twice pheasant hunting but you are moving all the time there and don't have to worry about being quiet. They started hunting deer with me at the age of 13 and even then had a hard time sitting for very long. It all works out, you just need to know your kids and what works for them.
  11. I had heard once that you needed at least 40 acres to guarantee that you can hunt it if the neighbors dont like/want hunting in thier area. If they don't care, then it doesn't matter as long as it's enough room for you. Or if it's a smaller acerage that buts up to State/Federal land you're good too. You have to be a certain distance away from neighbors buildings also but I can't remember how many feet (it's in the hunting regs book from DNR). And obviously know where neighbors live, where thier buildings are, where nearby roads/driveway's are, etc so you aren't sending wayward bullets thier way!
  12. I have rifle hunted Beltrami State forest for years (since mid 80's) although I haven't hunted there the last 2 years. Many of the deer I have shot were actually within bow range mainly because of the thick cover. I agree with 5 bucks, it can be challenging and is ever changing for the same reasons he lists. I have had good years and years where I don't see a deer in 5 or more days of hunting (and I hunt all day). I usually look for areas that may naturally funnel deer movement like high areas between low wet spots, changes in vegatation, etc. It is much more challanging in my opinion patterning deer there than in other parts of the State where you are hunting near fields, food plots, etc. But that also in my opinion makes it much more rewarding when you are successful. You also can have a true "hunting" experience vs. just a shooting one. Hopefully I helped a little. You really just need to get out there and learn the area you are hunting. Good luck!!
  13. Probably the same idiots who shoot holes in signs on rural highways...
  14. I love hunting and always have. I also don't take it for granted that I have the priveledge to continue hunting. I think in this day and age of instant communication, technology, ect that we have to be very concious of how we present ourselves to others. There is somebody I work with who is a very active hunter/fisher and loves to talk about it at work. Fine with me but as with everywhere there are many non-hunters who work here also. This person I work with seems to have a filter problem when we are around others who don't hunt. For example a non hunter we work with was talking to us the other night at work and made the comment that he couldn't understand hunting because it would be too boring to him. He is not anti-hunting just saying it wasn't for him. Well the hunter guy I know starts talking about how when he shoots fawns just right they cry like a baby. Then he starts talking about how he once shot a rabbit in the posterior with an arrow while bow hunting and it ran in circles crying and crying... :0 Why would you say things like that to somebody who doesn't hunt?? For that matter to somebody who does hunt. He seems to think it's funny. I think it's a good way to recruit people who are nuetral to be anti hunters. He has done other things similiar to this with other people who don't hunt. I guess I just want to say be aware of what you are talking about and who your talking to. Hunting is a great thing but needs to be portrayed in the right way to protect our pasion!
  15. pikerliker


    So to answer your question T-water I just read an article by Perry Good (PWT tournament fisherman). He was talking about Leeches and how to keep them alive. He said in the article that Leeches need to clean themselves to stay alive longer. One of the ways that they do this in the wild is to burrow into the sand! Sounds like you (and your daughter) might be on to something!
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