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  1. Sounds great WWG. BTW, If anyone is bringing a portable, the shelter licenses expired on the 28th too.
  2. I'll be coming up. Should be there around 8:00. I assume by the reports that the ice will be safe enough to drive my Explorer out if I stay on the trail. It'll be nice to see some old faces, and meet some new ones! I think I'll crowd in on Matt or Dennis.
  3. Road King of course. You can get info at the top of this page.
  4. LuckyFish


    Hi Ice, welcome to FM. I usually stick a shiner on a plain hook. I'm generally going for walleye or pike with this rig. I like to keep things simple when using a tip up.
  5. Thanks for the info Troutman. I'm heading out tomorrow. ------------------ Good Luck & Good Fishing. Lucky
  6. Glad to have both you and Shirley, Mary. It was nice meeting both of you, and also your husband.Thanks for being part of So. MN LETS! ------------------ Good Luck & Good Fishing. Lucky
  7. Thanks everyone that participated in the battle of pea soup on Tetonka! I don't think I've ever seen it that green. Special thanks to Matt for posting the pics, and Dan for posting the results. Thanks guys. This has been fun all year! Also a big thanks to our sponsors, and most of all you guys and gals that made this league possible by participating! Hope to fish it next year just won't have the time to organize it. Have a good Fall people, see ya on the ice. ------------------ Good Luck & Good Fishing. Lucky
  8. Well we closed out Southern Minnesota Leading Edge Tournament Series with some of the most impressive weights turned in for any of the events. I'll try to get some pics posted and I sent the standings to Dan Wood and asked him to put them up on www.FishingSavvy.com so you can find them there. This has been a lot of fun and a learning experiance as well. Bottom line I think everyone had fun, and for me that's what it's all about. Thanks everyone that participated and all of our sponsors. ------------------ Good Luck & Good Fishing. Lucky
  9. Red_Ball. Rule #3 "Teams must respect other teams. No fishing within 30 yards of another team will be allowed unless invited by said team to do so. Non league boats must also be respected at all times" I'm assuming that the term "invited" doesn't apply to non league boats, unless there was some kind of emergency. This was cut straight from the rules posted on the fishing savvy web site. ------------------ Good Luck & Good Fishing. Lucky [This message has been edited by LuckyFish (edited 09-09-2004).]
  10. Can anyone give me a price range on these Falcon rods? Im looking for a new rigging rod and like what I'm hearing about the durability and sensitivity of the Falcon rod. Now if the price fits my pocket book I may have found a new rod! ------------------ Good Luck & Good Fishing. Lucky
  11. Troutman and I picked up 12lb and 8lb flatheads. We also went on a "rescue" mission. We set up next to a shallow creek on a sand bar. Occasionally we would hear splashing in the creek. After a couple of fruitless attempts to find the source of the splashing, we finally found it. A little 2-3lb channel was stuck in the shallow 2" water on the other side of the creek so we got him out and plopped him in the river. This same thing happened to a northern pike and later a sunfish. They were all "rescued" and released into the river to grow or become catfish bait. As you can see we had lots of fun, and the rescue missions kept the night interesting. BTW Rob you picked a perfect night to hold this gathering on, hats off to ya.! ------------------ Good Luck & Good Fishing. Lucky [This message has been edited by LuckyFish (edited 08-29-2004).]
  12. Mr Special and Dragon sorry to hear you won't make it. But things happen. Hope to see you guys at the next one whether it be this year or next. I myself may be a little late. Hope to be there by 4:00. See ya all there. ------------------ Good Luck & Good Fishing. Lucky
  13. Billjr I'd stay with a small boat if you have one. The water in the immediate area around the ramp is fairly deep, from the sand bar upstream to maybe 1/4 mile downstream of the bridge. After that it gets a little shallow for a big boat. Hope to see ya there. ------------------ Good Luck & Good Fishing. Lucky
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