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  1. rattlem'up

    601 metro area

    Nevermind found my own answer. The areas I was looking at are either bow only or no deer hunting according to the DNR wma page
  2. rattlem'up

    601 metro area

    I read the regs but I just want some clarification. Can a person with a firearms A liscence be able to hunt from now till the 29th using shotgun? States that any 2015 firearms A or B liscence can hunt Nov 7-29. Can anyone verify this?
  3. rattlem'up

    How to get a Bigger Motor Trolling Slower?

    Look up trolling plates at cabelas. I have the spring loaded trolling plate on my 90 merc and it trolls down to 1 mph. They run around $100 if I remember right. Get the black spring loaded one not the one you would have to manually lift. The spring loaded plate moves as you increase the throttle. Doesn't hurt top end speed either. I've had mine for 3 years now and love it.
  4. Hawk creek calls? From Maynard,MN. I had him make some nice wooden duck calls for groomsmen gifts. I still hunt with mine to date.
  5. rattlem'up

    2008 gmc sierra 1500 ticking noise

    The oil was changed at the dealership. I put about 1200 miles on the truck since I purchased it. Having had a chance to change oil. I believe there was synthetic oil used in the truck. Sticker noted oil change in 10000 miles. Would be nice if the dealership would pitch in and help me out but I've had the truck since may 1st.
  6. rattlem'up

    2008 gmc sierra 1500 ticking noise

    This was more of a hard ticking noise. I had talked to the mechanic about putting seafoam in there. He said he didn't think it would help or take care of the problem. The AFM lifters GM is having problems with them going bad and recommend replacement. I guess i could have tried seafoam first. I know after its fixed i will be putting some additives in every once in a while.
  7. rattlem'up

    2008 gmc sierra 1500 ticking noise

    Bad / clogged lifted in number 6 cylinder. My mechanic suggests to replace all lifters on that side. Wow what a bummer. $1000 later
  8. rattlem'up

    2008 gmc sierra 1500 ticking noise

    5.3 with AFM I took the truck to the shop today. I guess I'll see what the damage is. Sucks since Ive only put 1200 miles on the truck.
  9. The other morning my truck started ticking really loud. Never heard it do this before. 110,000 miles. Oil level is good. The noise doesn't go away. Is there a lifter that is bad or sticking? Any fixes? The noise will fluctuate with the rpms. The truck ran flawlessly before and never beat on the truck. Any ideas?
  10. Ive only owned chevys and looking to updgrade trucks. Going to look at a 2005 150 fx4 99k and a 2007 xlt 4x4 with 100k miles. Anything particular to look for in these trucks? Any info would be great.
  11. Im thinking of leaving for sd late wednesday night. If anyone has room in a spread or wants to join up for some jumpin and pass shooting let me know. I can scout, help set deeks thats not a problem. I will be by myself
  12. rattlem'up

    Barska Scopes

    I bought a barska scope about 3 years ago 4-16x50 for coyote hunting and it has been awsome for me. Really nice prices and the scope has always stayed on target for me!
  13. rattlem'up

    Boat performance questions

    Got the boat out yesterday. I adjusted the trim tab to the side the boat was pulling towards and it seemed to help. The only thing i found was if the motor was trimmed all the way down the boat would still pull to the right. But if you would trim the motor up a little bit the pull would go away. I'm satisfied with the way it handles now compared to before.
  14. rattlem'up

    Boat performance questions

    I have a 2003 smokercraft 161 pro mag with a 90 merc and i have the same problem with the steering. On my boat if you dont hold on the the wheel the boat pulls to the right. I havn't monkeyed with it yet either. If i find any info i'll let you know.
  15. rattlem'up

    Coyotes getting out of hand!

    If you going to try calling them make sure you set up accordingly. Have the wind crossing you or in your face if possible. Since they caught wiff of your scent last night it would be highly unlikely for them to come in again if they smell you. If you dont have snow camo use a bed sheet to cover up or make sure you have a backdrop away from any light that might come from your house. If your familiar with hand calls or have(borrow) and electronic call i would suggest to start with a lone howl. Wait about 3 to 4 min while scanning for yotes,if they happen to anwser you then try to mimic there howls,barks and so forth. But if you dont get an answer then start with some distress calls. If you have a turkey call just mimic the sound that you were hearing last night. Any distress call should work but since you have turkeys and other game it would be best to stick with that. This is also there breeding season. Coyotes are very teritorial and will most likely challange any other coyote intruder to there pack. Thus coyote vocals will work well during this time also. With this info give it a shot tonight and let us know the outcome.