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  1. Walleye #1

    Front Livewell leaking water

    I have a hunch my front livewell is leaking water either through the drain or the recircs on the side. I have a 2006 1900 Lund Pro V. Water pumps into it and then slowly drains out. I have the valve shut off back by the steer column. Whenever I run run water it drains into my boat and my bilge kicks on pumping it out. Has anyone had to do deal with this? suggestions? I can't seem to find how to get at the back of it. A guy I had look at it thinks you may have to take the floor apart, which doesn't sound cheap either. Probably a fairly cheap fix, but doesn't sound like it will be an easy one to get at. Input?
  2. Walleye #1

    Making you're own Spinners

    Agronomist Check out Jolly Roger Tackle. Their spinner components, colors, beads, etc. are top notch and some color patterns you won't find anywhere else. Been using their stuff all summer on Leech, Gull, and Mille Lacs and caught alot of fish.
  3. Walleye #1

    Aqua Vu MAV Out of Production

    I have one of these on my boat that I bought this spring and really don't use it. Wanting to sell it. Any suggestions on a price to put on it? Figure someone will snatch it up. Be great mounting in an ice house also. Any advice?
  4. Walleye #1

    Clam Kodiak or One man Shelters

    Looking at picking up a man shack to go with my two Frabill. I like the Clam material better. Basically I want something that I can throw into the back of my Expedition and run around with. I have been looking at the Clam Kodiak mainly because of the extra head room it has. Any suggestions or people who have a Kodiak. Also the new Jason Mitchell one looks nice as does the Otter Wild one man. Advice?
  5. Walleye #1

    Lindy Giveaway Sunfish Package!!

    Put my name in. Walleye #1 or Jason Freed.
  6. Walleye #1

    Key Ignition

    I have a 75hp Mercury Tiller that I bought a few months ago. towards the end of the summer and this fall and the key start for the engine has wanted to loosen causing the key to turn farther than it should I know a guy should just have to tighten it down and it be good, but it seems like over time it rattles loose and happens to me again while out on the lake. I have brought it to Crystal Pierz and they thought by adding a washer of sorts on the inside would help, but I am not sold that is doing so like it should. Any suggestions to keep it in place better? Anyone have any experience with this? What is causing it to loosen. Have a buddy borrowing my boat this weekend and hate to have him have to mess with it much. A friend of my suggested shoe goo to maybe help keep it in place better. Walleye #1
  7. Walleye #1

    12V/24V Switch on my Dash

    Does anyone have a boat that has a 12V/24V Run Switch? I own a 1995 Warrior and I have this switch. I am not getting the thrust I need with my trolling motor and it is hooked up for a 24V system. I noticed that the this switch is stuck in the 12VRun position and am curious as to if this is the cause for my lack of thrust..Any experience with these switches and where might be a good location to buy one..would a Menards or Fleet Farm carry a three way toggle switch? Walleye #1
  8. Walleye #1

    Warrior Boats

    Speaking of Warrior Boats... does anyone know who would be a good contact person to talk to about the parts and components in older Warrior Boats? I have this 12v/24V Run switch that I need to replace, but I want to figure out what is all does and if it is affecting whether my trolling motor is running on 12V right now..I am not getting the thrust I should be getting and that switch I have is stuck in the 12V position on my dash board. Walleye #1
  9. Does anyone have any diagrams or information in regards to wiring my 80LB Minnkota Traxis Transom trolling motor and a 70LB Power Drive to a 24V system...I am not sure I am getting the full amount of thrust needed with either trolling motor, so curious as to if I have it wired for 12V and not 24V. Thanks Walleye #1
  10. Walleye #1

    Eyecon vs HMG

    I have two eyecons and I really like them. For the price you can't beat it if you ask me. The tip action is great for lindy rigging which is basically what I use them for as a whole. I think they would make decent slip bobbering poles as well. The handle is something that some people don't like about them, but I have grown to get accustomed to it and like it. Too be honest I don't think you can go wrong with either one. Walleye #1
  11. Walleye #1

    Walleye Trolling Rod Combo

    TravP What is the action on the rods? Medium? Fleet has a sale going right now, hence the reason for asking. Just not sure how sensitive of a tip a guy needs...they maybe seemed a little stiff.
  12. Anyone have any reasonable suggestions for a line counter and rod combo for trolling cranks and spinners? Walleye #1
  13. Walleye #1

    High RPM's

    Solbes That helps alot..
  14. Walleye #1

    High RPM's

    I have a new 75HP Mercury tiller on my boat this spring and they told me when I was breaking it in and using it the first few times out to try and gauge the RPMs to see if it is running high when running it. What should I consider high on RPMs? They told me if it was running to high to switch out the prop and bring it back to them.
  15. Walleye #1

    Livewell Problems

    I have a 1995 Warrior and the livewell quit working. I thought maybe the pump went bad and it was old, so I replaced it, still can't get it to pump water or the aerator to work. Any thoughts on the next step to trouble shoot. Pull off the dash and looking at the wire connections and everything looked alright... Next step?