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  1. Johnnie15

    MBRB Hunts

    I'm doing my first MBRB hunt this year. Can someone tell me if they have designated areas that hunters pick from, or is it a first come basis for picking your spot in the parks?
  2. Johnnie15

    First Thing That Pops Into Your Head-

    Actin like an animal
  3. Johnnie15

    registering akc litter

    I am pretty sure I did it online at the AKC HSOforum. It can send an automatic e-mail to the stud owner for approval.
  4. Johnnie15

    First Thing That Pops Into Your Head-

    S'more What??
  5. Johnnie15

    Would anyone like to join a fishing League?

    I would be interested in more info.
  6. Johnnie15

    favorite ice fishing reel.

    Shimano Sahara 1000 on a TB Deadstick. I have 2 of these setups and rarely use anything else. I can quickly switch between jigging and deadsticking based on the bite.
  7. Johnnie15

    Lx7 What's the latest?

    Anyone get their LX-7 from Gander Mountain yet? I am thinking about canceling my order after they missed thier own delivery date and have not responded to multiple e-mails asking for a status update. I was excited about saving $100, but at this point I would rather spend the extra money at a store that places value on customer service.
  8. Johnnie15

    StrikeMaster Auger Give-Away

    I would give it to my little cousin who is a fish-a-holic. Matt H. Anoka, MN
  9. Johnnie15

    Crooked lake Andover

    Bring really small jigs.
  10. Johnnie15

    Lx7 What's the latest?

    Anyone try their new LX-7 over the weekend? I'm hoping to have mine on the ice by next weekend.