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  1. I would always use tree tubes for any hardwoods. If it's small enough to need a tube for protection from deer, rabbits, other... than use the tube. If your putting in the time and money to plant them, you might as well protect them. Lots of them are on the market. I have only used one type of tube myself. Tubex- combitudes (spelling?). If you are worried about deer you should get the 5 foot tubes. Since that is about the upper limit of their browsing heights. I've used the fiberglass green stakes from L & M instead of buying the stakes from tree tubes suppliers. The only problems i have had so far is a curious bear, who wanted to chew a few tubes. The other thing you should think about talking to your local DNR forester. They can help you to make sure you are planting trees that are correct for your soils. And may be able to help financially to purchase tubes. https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/woodlands/cfm-map.html Hope this helps,
  2. forester

    Bog Flowers?

    #4 looks like a three leaved false solomons seal. (smilacina trifolia) #5 looks like bog laurel #6 & 7 are pitcher plants nice pics
  3. forester

    Where to plant Oak Saplings

    The red oak would probably do best in the driest spot. Check out a couple of websites about how to plant trees properly. http://www.extension.umn.edu/gardeninfo/components/info_trees.html . The HSOforum here is probably a good place to start. Probably not to big an issue but you may also want to think about how close you plant to the road/hill. Considering the size of the trees it may not be much of issue, but often cities/road departments have rules or regulations againist what can happen in a right of way. Good luck with the plantings