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  1. Lol. 21ft contour line. No bud needed. Copper with orange sticker Slender spoons worked best. Either that or I was the only one jigging it correctly.
  2. We had a slow weekend as well. In chatting with a guide, he said mauvais flats area and the gap were good. Tried it and got skunked our first day. Took a portable everywhere in that Bay and didn't mark one fish. Ladies in the ice house got a pike. Day two, we went to six mile Bay and setup along the west side in 17 fow. One pike and a few lost fish by the ladies. We took the portable out for search and destroy. Only found tiny perch and tons of bugs coming up the hole. Can't image the fish being hungry with this many bugs to feed on. We went by doc hagens but didn't see anyone within a half mile of that area so we continued North. Ended up going to bud Weiser point for the walleye bite and had a flurry of 16-17"fish from 4 to 630. Saved our night and trip even though we were there for jumbos.
  3. Where else can you read fishing reports on devil's lake? seems like it's not as much discussed as the minnesota lakes.
  4. Why do you say that? Other than having a screwy charger which got replaced recently... I haven't had any issues with my lx7. I think it's the most convenient and feature packed unit compared to vex units.
  5. Oh man... I hadn't read of this many complaints before. I'm pretty sure I searched high and low for reviews on this. Thanks Joe for the info on the stabilizer. Where did you figure this out? Please don't tell me it was on the pamphlet. I don't think the panner has anything to do with the camera, that was a pretty poor decision for the rma solution. At first I was leaning towards a weak servo motor but I tried holding the rotating mechanism while panning with the app and it fought a good amount. It really is sporadic.
  6. Sorry. Couldn't upload a pic from my phone and didn't feel like retyping it. If it's a camera stabilizing fin, do I put it a foot above the camera or something? I guess I will call Marcum about this issue. Hope they're not closed this week due to holidays.
  7. The only instructions that came with the Marcum Pancam WiFi underwater camera is a pamphlet. At the bottom of the box I found this black plastic thing that looked like it had purpose. Can't figure it out. Anyone know? In regards to the unit, it has been unresponsive to remotely turning the camera. I can hear the servo motor work but the mechanism that rotates the cord/camera doesn't rotate. It's pretty random. Sometimes it'll rotate 360+ no problem and sometimes it'll rotate 180 and stop, only allowing me to turn it back the other way. Seems like the motor isn't strong enough to overcome the slight tension from the cord. Anyone have this issue?
  8. Yeah I currently angle it in and straighten out with my 17 ft boat. Had same issues with my dump trailer. I probably should have just changed the curb last summer. I actually thought of putting heavy duty castor wheels on the back corner of the wheelhouse. Didn't think they manufactured things like that. I was thinking I'd weld it on.
  9. For those of you with steep driveways and long wheelhouses/trailers, do you guys have to start it out at an angle? How else do you get by without bottoming out? My boat trailer's jack used to bottom out and lift the back end of the truck because of the curb geometry. I'm afraid I'll have the same issue when I bring home my new wheel house this weekend.
  10. The obvious part is make sure you have panfish where you are fishing. I like plain hooks and crappie minnows or wax worms for sunnies. Plain hook, small jigs or tungsten jigs if you're willing to spend the extra money. Try tipping with plastics as well. I've had good luck with impulse, clam, and custom jigs N spins plastics.
  11. anyone? no one? Apparently it is named Grey Wolf elsewhere.
  12. Hey all. Looking for any reviews or first hand experience with these wheelhouses. Can't find any history on them and no one seems to own one. I saw one listed on hsolist a few months ago for a 2014 unit. Searched here and op got no responses. So hopefully I'll have better luck. Build quality looks good, fit and finish is very good. I'd say better than some more well known mfrs. Specifically I want to know if the house will stay warm and keep the heat in with their insulation. Supposedly it was upped to r20 from r? The one we are looking at has a toy hauler ramp. It's a tradeoff of having no ramp, bay window/U-shaped dinette and fold down bunk above dinette... Or ramp without rear bunk. I'd like to haul my snowmobile and sled out there in case I want to venture off but without the ramp, I'd be loading the snowmobile in my truck bed and piecing equipment into the wheelhouse. I've read that the ramps let in a lot of cold through the metal ramp door frame. Is it a huge deal? Any way to mitigate it? Insulation blankets or tape over ramp when not in use? At max it'd be 10 fishers with us, ever. But normally it'd probably be the wife, kid, 2 brother in laws. And I don't think we'd really be sleeping that often unless we're on a long trip to lotw or something. Which is probably 3 times a year max. Anyway, looking for opinions on the ice cave wheel house and on toy hauler vs non. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!
  13. I don't plan on getting into tournaments. I know I don't need a bass boat to bass fish but I do like the ability to get into skinny water without worrying about the boat. I did not know that Champion went out of business, but Kingfisher did too and it doesn't bother me a bit. I don't need a huge casting deck like the bass boats offer, but occasionally I'll have more than 3 people on the boat casting. A tiller makes sense to me too for trolling and such since I have had my rod holders setup at the stern end. I would like the convenience and weather protection that a console gives. I was pretty much set on a deep v until I read that there are some bass boats out there handling rough water well. Just thought I'd see what anyone else thought. Thanks
  14. Hey all, I hope this doesn't come with some bashing but aside from looking through different boat pictures, I couldn't tell the difference between a "regular" bass boat and a "rough water" bass boat. I currently have a kingfisher 17' fish and ski with dual consoles, it doesn't do very well on rough waters. I'm mainly looking to target walleyes this year but will do the occasional bass fishing with friends. I've recently gotten into trolling for walleyes and have done well on St. Croix but would like to go troll bigger waters this year. So, I'm looking to get a new boat this year and have read that rough water bass boats(champion, bass cat, and some others) are good bass boats that handle rough water well. I know, "rough water" and "bass boat" don't belong in the same sentence but that's what I've read. Would a champion boat be a good medium between a deep v and regular bass boat hull?
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