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  1. I have the Marcum LX 7 and will never go back
  2. I am sure its been asked before but if I wanted to make a early season trip for eyes any suggestions? Also early season sleeper suggestions
  3. GSP4ME

    bwca smallies

    thanks guys. I'll defiantly give a report when we get back. little over a week and we will be there. can'twait
  4. GSP4ME

    bwca smallies

    so do any of you ever take leeches into the bwca for the walleye and bass?
  5. GSP4ME

    bwca smallies

    are there certain colors that work better then others?. I love fishing senkos and will have those along. . can anyone tell me more about the flukes I've heard mentioned? What it's the best method to fish then?
  6. GSP4ME

    bwca smallies

    going to base camp on snowbank and day trip to parent and disappointment lakes, any thoughts
  7. GSP4ME

    bwca smallies

    I'll know on Saturday. my guy Beans is out on a week long guide trip.n I'll let you know as soon as I know
  8. GSP4ME

    bwca smallies

    going out of the west side. jasper creek outfitters
  9. GSP4ME

    bwca smallies

    going to be heading to the bwca the first week of August. any tips on the small mouth. ideas on tackle and depth, types of structure? thanks
  10. bought it back in January and only had it on the ice 4 times, Just didnt do enough fishing. Still have the original box, directions, charger everything. willing to let it go cheap. 400 and its all yours can meet you half way to your location. 763 742 3019
  11. The other half is looking at a 2014 Jeep Compass. Anyone have any expierence with them or hear any thing good or bad about them
  12. GSP4ME

    vexilar fl28

    The problems noted is the exact reason I sold mine and went back to a Marcum. I was actually pretty disapointed in the 28. To me and just my opinion not worth the money
  13. I am about 45 minutes north of St. Paul. You can shoot me an email at [email protected] Thanks for the hit
  14. I am looking at doing a whole hog Pig roast this spring. I am going to rent a roaster and do it up right. What I am looking for is any advise and/or tips on places to purchase a hog for doing this. Thanks guys and gals Jacob
  15. Problem is if you have a mac you can do it for the 6 and 7. That blows
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