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  1. That was probably more than what you wanted, but hopefully it sheds a little light into year class strength and temperatures, some of which relating to crappies. Thank you da_chise31! That was exactly what I was looking for! Applause!!!!
  2. No offense taken Ozzie I like joking around as much as the next guy!!
  3. If you look at the lake data for many crappie lakes around minnesota. Found on the (Mn. Dnr lake finder) It shows and talks about the consistant 2005 year class being excellent. Anyway, I thought maybe someone with some knowledge of this might respond as the curiosity has been bugging me lately.
  4. Strong year class (young of the year 2005). Sorry, for not being more clear on that!
  5. Does anyone know why this particular year class (2005) was so good around Minnesota. Was it a warm spring? I don't remember.
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