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    Pigmeat reacted to Big Dave2 in Just Because.....   
    A friend of mine told me we wanted to sell this Glenfield Marlin .30-.30 so I took it home with me. Pretty decent shape for a gun built in 1966.

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    Pigmeat reacted to Archerysniper in Wild Turkey Photos   
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    Pigmeat got a reaction from leech~~ in Flasher battery dead?   
    I think I know the answer, but . . .
    After running for about 3 hours the output on my flasher battery dropped from 12.5v to 10.1v. Pretty much means it's dead, correct?
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    Pigmeat got a reaction from leech~~ in Flasher battery dead?   
    I think I know the answer, but . . .
    After running for about 3 hours the output on my flasher battery dropped from 12.5v to 10.1v. Pretty much means it's dead, correct?
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    Pigmeat reacted to delcecchi in winter severity index   
    Better for Moose...
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    Pigmeat reacted to leech~~ in Wrong Cat Bait!   
    Some of you be using the wrong Cat bait! ?
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    Pigmeat got a reaction from monstermoose78 in First time turkey hunting. If you brought only one turkey caller which one?   
    A simple slate pot call. Easy to get reasonable sounds out of with minimal practice. They keep your hands busy, so remember to put it down early so's you're ready and don't spook the bird.
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    Pigmeat reacted to Scott O. in First Ice   
    Third time on ice this season

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    Pigmeat reacted to Scoot in Wy Antelop   
    My brother, son, a buddy, and I did a public land, unguided antelope hunt in Wyoming this August.  It was a GREAT trip and we had a blast.  Pics below.  

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    Pigmeat reacted to ANYFISH2 in Panfish Photo Gallery   
    My boy Isaac with his PB(and family best) 1lb 4oz bluegill.
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    Pigmeat reacted to Sturg in Badlands np Bighorns/Rushmore Goat   
    We took a family trip out to the Black Hills and saw some bighorn rams in the Badlands and a Mountain goat at Mt Rushmore. There was a group of 5 rams bedded along side the road just before sundown.  I got a few pics before someone got too close and the rams got up and moved off.  I returned at sunrise the next morning and two of the rams had returned and eventually bedded down where I could get a couple of shots with the Badlands in the background.  Beautiful animals in a great background!
    Sundown shots:




    Sunrise shots:


    A Mt. Rushmore mountain goat:


    The west is a picture takers paradise for sure!
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    Pigmeat reacted to serpent in Longest day ever   
    Last day of work for a week and a half.  Fishing everyday.  I can't wait.  
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    Pigmeat reacted to ZachD in Lyme Disease, aka Borrelia burgdorferi   
    It was a female deer tick in a county that is in one of the high risk areas for tickborne disease, didn't know how long it was attached for.  Lyme is one of those things that the earlier you treat it the less severe it is and the less you have to be on antibiotics. I think I took 4 doses or maybe it was a single dose.
    Im not one to even take asprin or anything but I figured why sit around and wait for symptoms if I had any when I could take 4 pills that cost me 8 bucks and be done with it.
    Had to do it once in my lifetime just because I wasn't sure I don't think that is too aggressive why wait till you start feeling bad?
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    Pigmeat reacted to Driftless in One More Cast   
    One More Cast

     Photo by:  Roger Abraham
    If any of you out there are regular readers of my tales, you have followed my recent struggles with back and knees.  I can’t put a name to this drive I have to be on the stream as of late.  It borders on obsession. I guess in my mind if I am healthy enough to fish the world is right with me and I am not getting old and feeble. 
    Today I was a witness to that I am not the only one.  Lots of anglers and hunters live to go out into the outdoors. .  It is what drives them.  It makes them feel alive.  It is their passion.  I told my fishing buddy Abe today my thoughts.  I told him how I was feeling a little old.  I guess my 60th birthday coming up next month makes me feel mortal.  Abe laughed and said I was a young buck compared to him.  Abe turns 76 this year.
    Abe told me tales about catching big trout in tiny streams in Wisconsin and out west.  The twinkle in his eye when he reminisced I had seen before in many trout anglers. 
    We fished a stretch for 2 hours.  I sat down and rested often.  Abe kept on fishing. He got hung up in a box elder branch and lost a lure.  Abe told me box elders trees were his nemesis when he fished.   He asked me which tree was my kryptonite.  I told him, "ones with branches."  We both had a chuckle and continued fishing.   I thought to myself this guy is really driven.  I hope I am like him at 76.
    We got to the vehicle and Abe wanted to continue fishing.  Abe’s waders sprang a leak earlier and he fell in the water a couple times.  He was quite wet.  He wanted to change in to dry clothes before we continue.  Abe peeled off his wet shirt and there were two things stuck to his chest.  He could tell by my questioning look he needed to tell me what was up.
    Abe told me he had been having heart problems lately and he was supposed to be wearing a heart monitor.  He left it in the car because he was afraid of getting the electronics wet.  Here I have been whining about being old and the guy I was fishing with left his heart monitor in his vehicle. 
    Abe reassured me that he was in no danger and he could continue fishing.  I started brainstorming on a place to fish where it was not so hard walking.  Now that I knew he was not as healthy as he looked I wanted an easy place to fish.  I knew the place and it was upstream 5 miles.
    We arrived at the well manicured field.  It looked like a golf green.  I picked the area because the farmer kept sheep and goats on the land and the weeds and brush were gone because of the goats.  We walked and fished. 
     Abe told tales of the old days and of fish lost and landed.  I walked a little forward to fish and looked back to check up on Abe.  What I saw when I looked back scared me and I immediately asked Abe if he was ok.  Abe was laying flat on the ground face down.  I thought the worst and he could tell by my face.  He told me to calm down.  His back was acting up and he needed to straight it out and that was the best way to do it.
    We fished a little bit more and he took a photo of me.  He liked the lighting. He told me it captured the essence of trout fishing.  He did not have a camera.  I let him use mine.  He was not camera savvy and needed an impromptu lesson on how to use it.
    We drove to his car and we talked about our love of the outdoors. We shook hands and headed our separate ways and promised to fish again soon.  As I drove home I smiled and thought about how I am going to be when I am 76.  I hope I am like Abe and my eyes still twinkle when I talk of chasing trout and I am still driven to make one more cast.
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    Pigmeat reacted to monstermoose78 in Bushmaster rifle opinions?   
    Depends on the bullet
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    Pigmeat reacted to delcecchi in Bushmaster rifle opinions?   
    If I were looking to acquire a home defense weapon, I would go with a shotgun.  There are some configured with short barrels and larger capacity magazines.
    I don't know about the "and works" part.  That seems like a whole other question.
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    Pigmeat reacted to RebelSS in Bushmaster rifle opinions?   
    "Because he lives in a high tension area" ... "high capacity"....    This one sounds like trouble just waiting to happen.
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    Pigmeat reacted to Rick G in Panfish Photo Gallery   
    Been hitting a few different lakes the last week in search of gills that are not bedding yet. Found a small pond with some huge gills. Top one went well over 10inches, one of the most colorful gills I have ever seen. Second one is my fourth biggest gill I have ever gotten.  11in long, 5.5 in tall  and fat as it could have been. Both are still swiming....hopefully to be caught again and again.

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    Pigmeat reacted to 123fish in Wild Turkey Photos   
    This is the bird I called in for my buddy this morning. He saw the decoy at 80 yards and hung up. It took at least twenty minutes of soft clucks and purrs to close to thirty yards where he made the shot. i understood why he was so wary when I saw those spurs. 1.25"each side and really sharp and hooked. true limb hanger.

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    Pigmeat reacted to DonBo in Wild Turkey Photos   
    So proud of my 93 year old dad.  It's getting tougher and tougher just getting him out there, but he still knows what to do once there.


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    Pigmeat reacted to Cheetah in Wild Turkey Photos   
    Yard birds!

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    Pigmeat reacted to Duffman in Bold eagle stole my pike   
    Trout fishing up in the Bdub one winter I saw that a eagle was circling within a quarter mile or so after I caught a white sucker.
    Walked about 30 yds away and set it on the ice.
    Buddy asked "What are you doing?"
    "I'm just feeding a bird"
    It was one of those dead still quiet days where you talk to yourself every once in a while to make sure you are not deaf.
    I still remember the sound of the talons scratching the ice and the wingbeats as he cleared us by about 20ft after securing lunch.
    Buddy says....."That's one of the coolest things I've ever seen and HEARD!"
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    Pigmeat reacted to jbell1981 in Dumping Cable for Streaming   
    It's been about a year since I made the switch and really glad I did. I use an antenna to pick up local channels. Then just stream with with amazon, hulu and netflix. I had slingtv but found I didn't really watch enough with it to justify it so I canceled that and added HBO Now. 
    I don't see myself ever going back to cable or dish.
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    Pigmeat reacted to DonBo in Barrel for a turkey gun   
    A shorter barrel is a big plus in the confined spaces we so often see while turkey hunting, blinds, brushy fencelines, wooded areas, etc.  Most designated turkey guns have barrels of only 22 - 24".  
    Longer barrels are nice to help you swing with the movement of clay targets, or flying birds, but have no real place in the turkey woods.  A good tight super full turkey choke along with some dedicated 3" turkey loads is all you'll need to keep a tight pattern needed to kill a longbeard.  Top that barrel with some fibre optic sights and you've got yourself a real turkey killer.
    Hope this helps.
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    Pigmeat reacted to JBMasterAngler in Kinnickinnic River 2017   
    Well, today was the unexpected start to my trout fishing season  I woke up this morning with every intention to go ice fishing! Once I got to the lake, I just didn't like the feel or the sound of the ice. So, my first thought was to go back home and grab my fishing pole and chest waders. But I didn't really want to waste the gas and time doing that. So I just zipped straight down to the kinni (I was already in WI), at an access that I knew was easily fishable without the need for boots. Luckily I already had my trout tackle box in my ice bucket. What did I use to fish with, you  may ask? Yep, my 18 inch ultra light ice fishing rod!  It was equipped with the same reel I use for trout fishing, so that wasn't an issue. It was definitely weird making casts with it, but I was getting the desired casting distance. And I was actually able to avoid overhead branches much better. Trout were swimming around everywhere. I got multiple strikes and follows, lost 1 or 2. In the end I was able to catch 2 little brown trout. Also flushed out a big rooster pheasant, and happened upon a few geese. Very nice, out of the ordinary way to kick off my trout season! 
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