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  1. Mn just changed the transport rules for big game. Can only bring quartered or deboned animals. My question is why, if CWD is spread by direct contact? If the animal is dead what contact would it have? I don't see deer running around with other deer bones in their mouth.
  2. I know a lot of people I talk to say its to much money just to shoot 1 bird. So that could lead into hunters not being interested. I know last year in my zone I bought a surplus otc for second season. So Im thinking hardly anyone applied.
  3. Looking into buying a new GPS. Any advise?
  4. Go straight to a farmer. 56 pounds per bushel of corn. Under $3 per bushel right now.
  5. pallets, pallets, and more pallets. you will have to keep adding every year. I do it to get out on my duck pond. Those plastic ones wont bust or rot. But they will float away.
  6. Nothing worse than waking up to a rattle reel and falling in the spear hole.
  7. Quick question could i get a littering ticket if I drop a piece of trash on my property? Kinda off topic but wanna know
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