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  1. Ha! Ha! Yes, when you get to the end of the line there's nothing we wouldn't try. It's not quite so bad on a boat. We could usually chase back some line but on shore or through the ice it's game on. although I've had King Salmon nearly spool me on their first run. Saw a Kayak with a big King on off Door Bluff and wondered if thumping the side of the rod would have turned him. Last I saw of the kayak it was still heading toward Ellison Bay. lol
  2. We've all been spooled at one time or another. Here's a way to minimize that.
  3. What ice we had is going fast. Rain and warm temperatures. Lucky to be out before Christmas now.
  4. Chip Leer Ice fishing seminar -good stuff
  5. Ice safety is important, make a throwable life safety ring. _______________________________________________
  6. Review of my Clam Scout TC flip over. Nice
  7. Shack, I love Ratso's. knocked the snot out of panfish on them this summer and can't wait for the weather to freeze enough ice to try them.
  8. Be sure to get signed up for 2015. A lot of prizes were given out at the Ice Bash at the Surf Ballroom. Great time. Excellent food and many sponsors showing their products. Kevan says the sponsors are the ones who make the YBB possible.
  9. Here is the take off and weigh in with winners of YBB 2014. This is a really well ran tourney. Great sponsors and lots of prizes. HSO is a sponsor so show them your support and support HSO sponsor's.
  10. Here is a good discussion on ice spikes so you don't fall.
  11. Scott Reed and John Grosvenor (guide on lake Okoboji, IA) talk to me at the Team Extreme Ice fishing contest.
  12. Here is Kevan Paul talking about the Yellow Bass Bonanza on Clear Lake.
  13. The "Recycled Fish" group will be at 65 tourneys this year. Check them out as they are a good pro-fishing conservation group.
  14. Scott Reed and John Grosvenor guide on Lake Okoboji fished the Team Extreme tournament and did well.
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