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  1. And here I'm scared to walk out right now because it's not thick enough for me to feel safe yet....
  2. Hey guys, quick question that I can't find the answer to anywhere online. I just bought a Humminbird Ice 35 from a dude on the popular auction site. The unit itself appears to be in great condition and it seems to function fine from what I can tell, but the dork I bought it from didn't pack it properly and stuffed it in a box that was way too small that didn't offer hardly any protection during shipping. Long story short, I received the unit and the top knob (the knob for adjusting everything and gain) is broken clean off with no way of re-attaching it. I'm obviously covered by the auction site's buyer protection, so I'm not worried about getting my money back or anything... but I really do want this unit if I can fix it or have it fixed. Ideally, I'd come to some sort of agreement with the seller. So the question, anyone have experience with this? How difficult and/or expensive is it to replace this? Do I need to send it in to get fixed, or is it something I can do on my own? Any insights appreciated, thanks!
  3. A 5 gallon bucket. It holds stuff on the way out and doubles as a chair. What can I say, I like to bring as little out with me as I can.
  4. For panfish, small tungsten GLOW jigs with super sharp hooks all the way. It's all I use any more. You just don't need anything else. I'm partial to the Fiskas brand, but I'm sure others work fine as well. They are a bit spendy, but I'd rather spend a little more on gear I know I'll like and use than a little less on a wider variety of junk that I won't use as much.
  5. Thanks for the responses guys. I never knew Hbirds were on a totally different frequency. I've never used one before, but I've always wanted to try one of those anyhow. So maybe I'll just go that route!
  6. Pretty simple question, hoping some of you that are more experienced with flashers can give some advice. I already own an LX7 (love it, btw) but I've managed to get more of my friends into ice fishing the past couple years and I'm tired of being the nice guy and letting them use my flasher, thus going flasherless myself If you owned an LX7, what brand/model would you be looking to buy to fish them side by side? Doesn't need to be a super fancy model or anything either, but I've experienced interference from other nearby flashers before and I want to avoid that at all costs. Thanks!
  7. So I had to share another couple pictures because this is just strange... Not one week after posting the picture of that diseased looking "eye rock", I went out hunting in the same area and found another one that's somewhat similar. Very odd.... I promise to stop posting pictures of "rocks" now and I'll stick to agates. I'll even add a couple pictures of a nice little one I found at the same time for good measure.
  8. Nice stones Connan! I especially like the water level. I also really like how you place the agates on a nice bed of greens, it really makes the pictures look all artistic and such lol
  9. I'd like to know too. Like I said, I've only ever found eye agates before... never eye rocks. It's got a very gritty texture, and it's definitely not mineral like at all. It almost feels like what I'd imagine sandstone would feel like, though truthfully I don't really know what sandstone feels like lol. I'm an agate dork, but I don't really have extensive rock and mineral knowledge beyond that. I wish I had more info on it.
  10. And here's a couple more pictures while I'm at it: A really nice 4 ouncer with great lines and a cool back A really solid 9 ouncer with nice deep color One of the strangest stones I've ever found. I find a lot of agates that I see referred to as "Honey Agates", "Montana Moss Agates", or "Southern Minnesota Agates". Regardless of what you call them, I've never found one that looked like this before. It has a really strange white coating on it, but the coating doesn't come off and is part of the stone. Very odd. And lastly, a non-agate for good measure. We all like eye agates, so why not eye "rocks"? I've never found a rock with eyes on it before like this, so I had to save it. No idea what sort of rock it is or why it has eyes on it either. It's good sized at about a pound and the eyes are all around the entire stone. My wife hates it and thinks it looks diseased so I'm not allowed to display it
  11. Well, I figured I should share a few of my own at least. Unfortunately I haven't found anything quite as awesome as the last few posted by Dark and especially Techno, so I'll share a couple pictures of boring chunks and a couple more unique stones that I've found recently. So it's sort of funny, but I had never found an agate over 1 pound until about a month ago. Then, my first ever over a pound was this 2.5 pound hunk that I have appropriately named "The Butt". It's sort of a strange stone because although it has a little quartz on it, it almost seems like the quartz is in a thin layer with solid agate underneath. Then, about a week later, I found my second one over a pound which weighs in at around 1 pound 5 ounces. Truthfully, it's not much to look at but it does have nice size. It's a little quartzy, but at least some of it is a little amethyst colored.
  12. Nice finds Connan! I especially like the frog skin and the 15 ouncer that looks like it's giving birth.
  13. That's it, I need to branch out and find new hunting grounds. That thing is disgustingly awesome. I've never seen anything like it. Heck, I didn't even know anything like that could even exist. Easily one of the most unique agates I've ever seen. Cherish that one, because you'll never find another like it.
  14. I'm a complete newbie when it comes to shroom hunting, sort of in the same boat as you it appears Tom. I just recently received the book already mentioned in this thread, 100 Edible Mushrooms by Michael Kuo, and I'd highly recommend it. It's a very enjoyable read and very informative. I never really thought I'd just enjoy reading a semi-field guide sort of book cover to cover, but I'm almost done with it and it was very entertaining. By no means is it a complete field guide mind you, but it doesn't try to be either. It's perfect for someone like myself that just wants to know the basics when starting, then provides a substantial bit more from there.
  15. And Techno, you seem to really find some amazing stones. I wish I knew your secrets. That second one in your most recent post is simply stunning. The one with the purple lines around that sort of eye looking hole. The size and beauty combination of that agate is world class.
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