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  1. You may want to go read the data sheet on amsoil's HSOforum. This isnt your grandpas 2 cycle lawnboy oil.
  2. Thanks MM. Are there lakes that you wouldnt put a fish house due to high break-ins? (i know it happens everywhere) Ill take a little slower fishing if that means I dont get beer bottles in my hole and turds on my floor.
  3. I am moving to Ramsey in a few weeks. I have spent the last 15 years around Chisago and CC. Do most people hop over and fish around Buffalo or fish around the zimmerman/big lake/princeton areas? I plan on having my 6x10 on the ice and head out a few times a week. Also, where are the bait shops to hit and which ones to avoid? Feel free to PM me if you don't want to post on here. Thanks
  4. Thanks Harvey, but I already own an insulated CC house. I think the recovery is from the last canvas craft posting where shots were fired from all directions. It was a few pages about a guy just asking where he could see one in person and scope it out.
  5. Do you know where they have some set up? I want to look at them. ((pot stirred)) I have the magnum and love it. "ooooh good for you"
  6. BryeGuy


    Has anyone signed Boof Bonser?
  7. BryeGuy


    Twins are bringing Jason Kubel back 1500 is reporting. Smells of HR desperation to me.
  8. Nice work! Whos more excited the kiddo or you? Good luck on the ice!
  9. Is there a way to use a dryer vent and a computer fan to keep the holes open? Just messing with ya!
  10. He has blown out his shoulder twice. Hasnt pitched in a year and a half. Hate to say it but he will get a AAA deal and maybe make a spot start or 2 in the bigs.
  11. Santana is cooked! Hate to say it. Garza would be nice but too much personality for the Twins. (Why does the guy spit every 10 seconds?)
  12. A dryer tube, computer fans and a Mr Heater? If it was only that simple. I dont think "moving air" is his issue. That furnace should be plenty big not to have heating issues. However, I am not an HVAC guy. IC should honor the stuff they put in and not be charging a nickel for T&M. Or should they give you the run around.
  13. I cut down an apple tree for the neighbor lady that wanted it taken down and I scored all of the wood (and all of the chips from cutting). I cut it all into about 10" pieces and split them in half. They were about 2-3" in diameter before splitting. How do I cook with them?? I do not own a smoker but a have a Weber Performer I use lump charcoal with. Do I soak the chunks? Cut the chunks smaller?
  14. I made the leap and purchased a used 6x12 Performance engineering fish house. Now, where does a guy get 30# tanks filled? I am in the north metro and can make it to blaine, coon rapids, anoka, slp easily. I am sure anyplace that does 20# will do #30's but I want to find the cheapest place.
  15. Have you recently greased the gear box? I bought a used Nils and shot some grease into it. The next weekend i was on Vermilion and It wouldnt start or ran like dump. Grease was pushed up and coating the fly wheel and coil not allowing good spark. Esox will be with you shortly
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