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  1. I managed to find 1 in Hubbard county on the 13th. I went to Todd yesterday and all I found was 2 pails of Ramps. No mushrooms to be found and no asparagus either. Probably the 3 inches of snow they got last weekend's fault. We did get a little shot of rain last night too. Trillium's are coming up slowly but they are not budding yet. The marsh marigold's are just starting as well.
  2. Nice bachelors group hanging out and lots of squirrels.
  3. I've got my cam overlooking the same stump as last year. Not nearly as much of the stump left this year. There looks to be at least 6 different bucks and 7 different does and fawns that I can tell. The deer ate or gnawed a good portion of the stump away in the last year as well. I've only had the cam out a week so far.
  4. We were "missing" a few pieces of chicken between the time we took them out of the smoker and put them on the grill with the BBQ sauce. They vanished, I swear!
  5. I took wings, thighs and legs and put rib rub on them and let them sit for 4 hours then I smoked them for about 90 minutes this morning. Tonight I put them on the grill to crisp up and slathered with Famous Dave's. I seem to kill chicken on the grill but with the smoker I can regulate better plus all that flavor. Only way I'll do chicken now!
  6. I should also not that I do not have a picatinny rail hand guard. Are there any bi pod's that mount directly to the gas block? Looks like I may be off to the gun shop!
  7. Does anyone have a recommendation for a Bi Pod for an AR? I see tons of them on Amazon and they all look the same to me. I don't do any prone shooting and I'm thinking a 6" should probably do the trick. Just wondering if anyone has a style or brand they prefer for the features or ease of use. Thanks in advance.
  8. I will have to find some more, cause we ate all of them! They were all connected on the bottom as they are supposed to be. I haven't seen a half-free or a Verpa yet this year and I have only seen a couple of Devil's urn's. The popple fuzz was covering everything this morning so they were a little difficult for me to see. Hopefully we get a shot of water with the lightning over night.
  9. I picked for about 2 hours this morning. I'm not exactly haw many I got but its enough for a couple meals. I'm going to chop some of these up and mix with some cream cheese, feta cheese and garlic chives and then stuff some chicken breasts and cook them on the grill. The little bit of rain that we got last week helped the shrooms pop but it really didn't do much else for the woods besides help the mosquito's hatch. There were so many they licked the bug spray off first then swarmed. I found the mushrooms all over, North, South, East and West facing hills. Normally spot 1 has the best results b
  10. I just got back from a work trip to MI. I could not believe the difference in ground cover. We traveled all the way from Dearborn back to Bemidji heading through the U.P. Most of MI had very little ground cover but WI was flush, green everywhere! I only got to check a few spots at rest areas but I never saw a thing. The ground was dry at most spots on the way home. I'm gonna go hit my spot tomorrow, hopefully it hasn't been picked yet!
  11. Oh, oh, ohhhhh! It rained today! I can smell 'em popping!
  12. I was out for a little jaunt around noon today. I found about 6 in Hubbard county but they are all 1-2 inches tall and just starting to pop. Hope the rain hits us tomorrow like the weather person says! It's crispy out there.
  13. So Which app is this? I see several on the play store. Some are pay and some are free. Thanks!
  14. Only missing the toast, hot sauce and ketchup! Good stuff Manerd!
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