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  1. Use a 25 lb tank. I have the same problem with 1lb tanks. Try it inside in a heated area. If it doesn't do it then the temp is too low for 1lb ers to work effectively. It is the same principle as running a very high btu heater on a 25 Lb tank at -0 degrees. The propane won't turn to gas fast enough because The volume area to flow rate is too small. I THINK.??? It could be a filter, clog, dirt or kink problem. Good luck
  2. Buddy heaters are like women, tough to live with all there problems and sensitivities but ya can't live without em as they make things so nice
  3. White Bear East Side is OPEN water. Lake Elmo was 99 % Open 2 days ago. That said I will prolly ice fish this weekend on a shallower smaller lake. I will use the chisel every other step and drill test holes and measure every so often as well as wear a life vest, have picks and a cell phone in a Ziploc if I go alone. Remember ice varies and 5 ft deep by shore can be much different than 20 ft deep 1/4 mile out. Good Luck and Be Safe Out There!
  4. Nice, never seen one that stocky and fat!!
  5. It has some merit but I would also like to know how many holes it can drill, how long the battery lasts and how durable the setups are. Im done with stinking gas, so some cheesey info is better than none. I will post my reults with the clam drill plate and a 8 inch auger when we get ice.
  6. Leech, the vinyl looks like old VAT Vinyl Asbestos Tile as it seems to measure at 9x9 not 12x12 which is typical for VCT Vinyl composite tile. I would leave it as bonding to it or the cutback adhesive that is below can be difficult and risky. If you have a solid non springy subfloor of 3/4 inches or greater just go over it with 1/4 inch cement board that is put over fresh latex modified thinset that is applied with a 1/4 by 1/4 square notch trowel. Screw the cement board with cement board screws 1 1/4 " or more at 8 inch O.C in the middle and every 6 inches where there is a butt or edge. Set the Tile with a premium latex thinset and use heavy thinset designed mesh tape with thinset on any cement board seams. Use a planer or shims on the wood reducer to get it flush with the tile before gluing and finish nailing it in. Good luck!
  7. I'm left eye dominant-right handed and shoot a shotgun well. My left eye naturally squints. With practice dry shooting it will come to you. Your body adapts to all kinds of handicaps.
  8. Meanwhile.... There is ZERO real enforcement on Great Lakes Ballast Water Discharge. There is no registration, sales registration or required class of docks and lifts . I/O and Inboards always carry water from lake to lake as a bunch of water sits in the cooling system. The three stooges enforcement carries on with road checks and required classes that have little effect compared to the above. I'll follow all the rules as I always do but this is getting silly.
  9. I have a pair that is going on 10+ years. Whatever you do get an extra pair of liners and vent your clothes so you don't heat up and sweat too much. Put the boots on a boot dryer or change liners after a hard day. Good luck!
  10. Sweeeet! I am making the switch from gas to electric this year as well. Can't wait to compare notes on the best combos.
  11. If memory serves me correctly there are some I/O or inboards that always have water sitting in them unless you do a thorough multi step job of flushing. Correct? Wouldn't this negate the inspections the DNR does for invasives as contaminated water will be in the I/O inboard unless you perform a 20 minute + flush. Correct? Wrong?
  12. On northerns- a quick strike rig hooked mouth and center dorsal off balance to the side or fin clipped so the bait has to stay moving. Large marge golden Shiner best Sucker second Use a large egg sinker on the line above the leader. Some people use a tiny bobber as a depth set. I like an exact bobber that offsets my sinker so that the sinker doesn't come down on the fish when it releases from the tip up. Walleyes the same just use a smaller shiner or a rainbow chub on a fluoro leader with glow bead and small treble. hook it singly toward the back and a little out of balance. Set sinker so it is neutral buoyant to a bobber and set the trip lighter than a northern. Fish northerns above the weeds to bottom of ice. In deeper water out from the weeds fish close to the bottom. Fish the eyes within a 1/2 ft to 1 1/2 ft off bottom from deep weededge out into deep 40 ft. water or just under the ice over a weed bed. good luck!
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