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  1. Papa Bear, I will check them out. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. I would like to replace the Jackknife sofa in my 2012 Ice Castle with a better quality one. I see they use some nicer looking ones in the new ones. I have checked out the sofas that they use in the Yeti’s and Firebrand, they look to be better quality. What is everyone’s recommendation about which one to get? Any idea what brand of sofa Yeti or Firebrand use?
  3. X2 I had a 2 stroke, sold and bought an Ion, sold that and bought a propane, sold that and bought a Strikemaster with a 4 stroke Honda and couldn't be happier with it. I use it in the wheel house all the time. Sometimes it sets off the smoke alarm but it doesn't set off the CO2 detector.
  4. I think the key to getting bit once you call them in is the jiggle / rocking motion. I think they talk about it in the video a little bit. I think they say rip it to bring them in and then jiggle it to get them to bite. I have also heard them say it isn’t a works every day bait, but the days they do work they work great. I think it will call them in every day, but the days you can get them to commit to it are 50/50. But a lot of the time you can get them to hit a dead stick or a spoon once the rippin rap calls them in.
  5. Thanks, I will check it out. Here are some previous posts about frame coating: This is from the post: After seeing all the post on POR15 I bought a quart to do some touch up on my wheel house frame. I just took a wire brush to the rusty spots to get off the big stuff then painted on 2 thin coats. I cannot believe how well it covered and is tough as nails. Worked so well I did the trailer hitches on all our vehicles and they all look brand new. Only negative is the can it comes in. Probably the cheapest paint can available. Make sure you have a container ready to store the stuff in after you open it.
  6. Lots of guys talk about using POR 15 to do the frame. I should do the same thing to mine. If you search on here you will find some stuff about POR 15. Let us know how it goes and where you get it from. I think I remember some Napa's carry it. dj2quick35 Do you remember where online you got the Stainless cables from?
  7. No need to block for a day trip or overnight. The only time you should need to block up is if you leave it out for a week with the heat off. Or if it is thinner ice and it pools water on top of it. Enjoy your house. I know I enjoy mine.
  8. Search POR 15. I haven’t used it yet, but when I do my frame I think it is what I am going to use. It has been discussed here a few times and always seems to be the top suggestion.
  9. Snow Check is a spring buying program. You put money down now and get some incentives and then pay the rest when the sled comes in the fall.
  10. handsonguy, How did you guys do? Which lakes did you try? We are thinking about heading out in a couple weeks. PM me if you would rather. Thanks in advance.
  11. I have a Focus and experience similar traits. It had 205/50 R16 on it when I bought it. The car was scary on slippery roads and the rear tires wore really fast especially on the inside corners. I had the alignment checked at the Ford dealer and they said it was within spec. I didn’t agree and took it somewhere else and they adjusted the rear camber a little bit. It helped a little but not much. I put 195/60 R15 winter tires on it. They helped quite a bit, but it still does the same thing just not as bad. I would get the alignment checked and see what they find. If they don’t find anything I would think about trying winter tires. They make a huge difference. When they are new you can drive in the fast lane with the 4 wheel drive trucks in 3 inches of slushy snow. I put Cooper Weathermaster s/t2’s on. They are a cheaper tire, but I would put them on again. The Firestone Winterforce are kind of similar. Good luck, and let us know what you find.
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