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  1. RobG

    What do you use for portable chairs?

    When I travel light....I use this chair from Cabelas. No back support but I typically walk, pulling my gear. Compact and light is how I have to keep my gear. Plus, moving around a lot, this is quick, light, and easy.
  2. I live in a state where live bait is not allowed...but usually make a trip or two to MN over the winter. Last year I could not get into the fish with any of my lures then someone at a shop suggested that I try just a plain red hook...and he gave me one. It worked wonders. The problem is - I lost that hook and don't know what size, style, name, etc. I am planning on heading to MN again this winter and was going to make sure I bought a few packs of hooks. What is the best hook & size to use for the live minnows? I mostly fish Upper Red. THANKS!! Rob / Utah
  3. RobG

    First Trip this year to Red

    Hoyt4 - I'm somewhat of a rookie when it comes to ice fishing with a Jigging Rap (I live in UT and visit Upper Red once a year).....are you baiting that Jigging Rap with anything or just jigging it plain? I'll be there in one week. I have plenty of the jigs, just want to make sure I am giving it the right presentation. Thanks! Rob
  4. RobG

    Best safety ice fishing bibs/parka

    I have the "Climate" series of Striker Ice. Bibs, Shell, removable Jacket. Has zip vents on the jacket for breathing. Comparing the Climate against all other series they offer it was rated a 10/10 on warmth. Although with they way these are built I am pretty sure you will be warm in all of them. As mentioned in my previous post....this suit is very warm...almost too warm most of the time. Even though there are vents, I usually end up taking the shell off and just wearing the bibs and liner jacket. Best set I have ever purchased. ***NOTE - I do live in Utah and rarely see a temp in the negatives. It may be minus when I start the day but typically I am in 10-30 degree temps and rarely do I ever use my portable hut.
  5. RobG

    Upper Red - Average Ice?

    Thanks for the info - I'll look him up. Would be nice to leave the hut for a half day! Thanks!
  6. RobG

    Best safety ice fishing bibs/parka

    Striker Ice +++ Bought it before the 15/16 season. Was a bit skeptical about it actually floating so in the fall I put on all my ice gear I would normally wear and jumped into the swimming pool. Kept me afloat, no problem. Kicked off my heavy boots while in the pool and got a touch more lift. Not only do they float, but I have never been so warm (HOT) when ice fishing. The bibs are awesome. The jacket has a zip out liner that I use most the time.....usually don't need the outer shell because its so warm. I've owned suits from Clam and others before. Good suits.....but this one is my all time favorite now. Would recommend it to anyone. Love it. Buying one for my 13 year old.....as soon as I know he wont grow out if it. Well worth the $$.
  7. RobG

    Upper Red - Average Ice?

    Thanks for all the comments. I'm encouraged by what has been shared. Yes - I always have and use a flasher....or two. My first trip several years ago was with Patsy & Kelly. Johnny P was checking in on me several times and they did move me around. That year I was a few miles out and away from everyone. The years from then until last year I have been in several locations. I caught fish but nothing like any of the reports I read about. Before I hit Upper Red last year I spent a day with "Bro" on Island Lake and did pretty good. Reading the post from Xplorer I realized that I spoke with him the day we were both coming off the ice. He had mentioned the trip with his son the year before. I am pretty sure I was a house or two down from him last year. I am pretty sure that I have all the right gear (likely way too much gear....everything possible) and was fishing the correct way. But as a few pointed out...and I agree....being in a house right on a busy road and not being able to get away from everyone I am sure had a huge impact on the fishing. Last year, other than the fishing, it was an absolute pleasure to go out of Beacon Harbor with Ann & John Westphall. They did everything they could to make sure I enjoyed my trip. I realize that early ice is best. I guess for the earliest ice I would need to come earlier and go out on a sled or wheeler and stay in a cabin or the like. I've fished different weeks in Dec through early Feb in the houses and have been limited on the time slot based on safe ice for the houses as well as my schedule to fly out. Since I fly in from UT.....I don't have the luxury of bringing ALL of my fishing arsenal. It's not easy to pack a sled, auger, gear, and winter clothing. So I have to make some sacrifices and make the best of what I can do. I typically land in Bemidji late, stay in a hotel then head up the following morning after stopping at Walmart and buying food, drink, pillow, etc. Financially it works better for me to stay in a sleeper and pay that price rather than pay for a day house and a room at night. Plus I pretty much fish 24/7. All that said.....Again, your comments and thoughts have me feeling pretty good that by the time I can get there the ice will at lest be safe enough for the houses to be out farther and away from the traffic. That at least takes one negative out of the equation. Looking forward to the trip - thanks again!!! Rob
  8. RobG

    Upper Red - Average Ice?

    I live in Utah but have visited Upper Red several times over the past 5-6 years. I have planned trips as late as the 2nd week of Feb and last year was there between X-Mas and New Years. The ice last year prevented the houses from being moved out very far and I could not drive my own vehicle out on the ice. I have planned my trip this year for the 2nd week in January and am just curious to know what the locals have heard about ice potential and weather predictions for this year. So far my best trip was only 7 fish in one day. Last year only 4 fish over 4 days. I know there is a lot that goes into that....location, noise, moving around, etc. I am just trying to plan ahead. Being that I am in a house the whole time I don't pack my 2nd bag with my snow suit or winter gear. This year....if it looks like the conditions may limit house movement and locations I want to be prepared by bringing my gear so I can rent a snowmobile and be a lot more mobile and catch a lot more fish. Although my main reason for the trips is to enjoy the absolutely beautiful Northern MN area and to get away and enjoy the solitude (I fish alone and don't bring anyone with me).....catching a few more fish would be a bonus! Any thoughts - info - suggestions would be appreciated. And - thank you to all the locals who over the years has made my trips to the Bemidji and Upper Red area so much fun and made me feel very welcome. Rob