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  1. 3-4 rods all retrieved with underwater camera, slush inhaler also retrieved, power cord to dvd player retrieved, 4 battery mag light lost to the hole gods!! joys of fishing with 3 kids, but wouldn't have it any other way, lots of great memories!!
  2. yep alot of kids and friends, I don't fish alot of deep water, and if i do I just wont use all of them.
  3. Built this this summer/fall got out the day after christmas.
  4. Finding it difficult to get insurance on my home built fish house. Wondering where others are finding their insurance and what they are clasifying their own fish house as. Home insurance company is telling me to ask auto insurance and vise versa. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  5. Just curious to those that have or had a Ice Castle, Mille Lacs or Trophy Hunter edition to the weight with out your equipment. Thanks
  6. Went there got 4 doors 6 Windows stove oven combo radio 10 sleeve 300 for all sold the 3 doors for more than bill at auction very happy!!
  7. checking guys around where I live that spray foams and getting estimates in 1000.00 dollar ranges just curios if any one knows someone that will be cheaper? house is 8X16 looking at doing walls floor ceiling contact me at jeffknorr007(@)gmail.com Maybe the cost is that high but have read some guys on here getting it done around the 500-600 range much more reasonable.
  8. sorry entered wrong e-mail jeffknorr0007 at gmail.com
  9. Great telling of what sounded like a great hunt/fish trip.
  10. This is what we do down at the cabin start in the morning just before we head out on pontoon for day. Kind of like "kingr". Easy Shredded Italian Beef Sandwiches. 3-4 lb roast (or what will fit in crock pot) 1 package of Italian salad dressing mix (dry) Usually start out with frozen roast sprinkle seasoning on top of roast (we don't add any water either condensation) put on low for 8+ hrs (or when done at lake)break roast apart and place back in juices till ready to make sandwiches. Fork meat out on to buns of your choice. Can get messy. We will also do this just before leaving for work ready to shred when we get home.
  11. Would any oneofu sappers be interested in trading some of my home brew for youre home boil? email jeffknorr001 at gmail .com if interested. I dont think I have had fresh syrup like that.
  12. I have been looking at Miltona Blacksmith frames and talking with Don seems like a really nice guy, great looking frames. Sounds like he builds a lot of frames wondering if there are any complaints or issues people are having with them? If any? Thanks
  13. We where in the black and grey house out there.
  14. Was this the house that ran off the end of the road at hillmans X-mas weekend?
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