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  1. lrrpinman

    N Metro Pigs

    Would you mind sharing what depth you were catching them at?
  2. lrrpinman

    Propane fills

    There is a gas station on the corner of Lexington Ave. and 694 that fills a 20# tank for $14.99.
  3. lrrpinman

    Barometric pressure

    Is it better to fish with a Low or High pressure system?
  4. lrrpinman

    Ice today?

    Does anyone think the ice will be good enough to get out fishing today?
  5. lrrpinman

    Buddy Heater fuel filter

    Thanks everyone. I will get the filter.
  6. lrrpinman

    Buddy Heater fuel filter

    I have a Buddy Heater and was wondering if I need the fuel filter to add a hose and 5-20 pound tank?
  7. lrrpinman

    mr heater cooker with 1# tank how long run time?

    Do you need the fuel filter also to run a 20# on a buddy heater?
  8. lrrpinman

    Tubes...How to?

    I've been very interested in try tube baits, but I have no idea how to hook them. What type of hooks should I use, and are certain tubes better than others? Thanks
  9. lrrpinman

    Lake Vermilion Water Temp?

    I just talked to a guy that was up there this past weekend, and he said it was about 47 degrees.
  10. Is it a lot harder to use a solo canoe than a two seater? I've never used a solo canoe and my paddling partner cant go on a May trip to the BWCA, should I rent the solo and go anyway or is it too hard for a newbie?
  11. lrrpinman

    Walleyes of 2008!

    Here's my biggest so far. 26" 6.5 pounds. I was shaking I was so excited.
  12. lrrpinman

    New to walleyes

    I am very new to walleye fishing. Can anyone help me as to what the best presentation would be this time off year? I know that rocks usually are a good bet. Help!
  13. I've never ice fished when it is super cold. Is it still worth trying to get out sometime this weekend, or should I wait?
  14. lrrpinman

    Help taking pictures

    That first one didn't work. Try this one. http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z98/lrrpinman/P1010955.jpg?t=1178133259
  15. lrrpinman

    Help taking pictures

    Here's one of them. http://s194.photobucket.com/albums/z98/lrrpinman/th_P1010955.jpg