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  1. Dahitman44

    2016 arctic cat prowler 700 xt?

    Ok -- so what do you think about the 2014? My dealer has a holdover all decked out like you would not believe. Anyone have a 2014?
  2. Dahitman44

    2016 arctic cat prowler 700 xt?

    I am trying to decide which machine to purchase -- any thoughts on this model?
  3. Dahitman44

    New Odes machines?

    Hi -- Does anyone have any thoughts on the new machines? I know they make a 1000cc side-by-side now and it is full of "free" accessories. I have read the negative posts on the "older" models. Does anyone have any other thoughts?
  4. Dahitman44

    12 volt inveter and TV or small portable DVD/TV?

    How long do you think a battery running a TV will last?
  5. Hey guys -- I would like to run a tv to watch some football in the wheelhouse or let the kids watch a movie in the 7 inch portable dvd player. How do inverters work with 12 volt deep cycle battery? Who has any experience with this? Thanks Hit
  6. Dahitman44

    Ice fishing Boots?!?

    White or Black Bunny Boots. Military. Cheap and the best IMO.
  7. Dahitman44

    Strike master lite or Jiffy lite

    ION electric EVERY day of the Week. Lightest, easiest to drill, no smell. No Brainer. Hitman
  8. Dahitman44

    veneered pine boards for fish house?

    Anyone elses have any thoughts on this?
  9. Dahitman44

    Thinking about selling my flasher

    sold my five year old Vex. fl-18 ultra pack (hate the Ultra) to a buddy for $300.
  10. Dahitman44

    veneered pine boards for fish house?

    thank you sir
  11. Has anyone tried these? They come in like a 8 or 10 pack of really thing -- 1/8 inch real wood boards. They are really light and I would like to use them on the wall. I am going to put polyurethane on both sides. THe inside walls on my house is alluminum -- any thoughts?
  12. Dahitman44

    Long house / steep access concerns

    Rollers are a great idea.
  13. Dahitman44

    Long house / steep access concerns

    ne inch raise? I thought I would need a bigger drop?
  14. Dahitman44

    Long house / steep access concerns

    Hi guys -- I have a question. I went from having a homemade 8 x 12 to a pre-built (Yeti-style) 6.5 x 16 with a V. I am excited about the house, but now a little worried about the clearance. I planned to fish a local lake -- Pelican Lake (in the Detroit Lakes area)but it has a very nice but steep and long access. My house only has about 10 inches of clearance. It is all alum. tubing so it will be very strong, But I am afraid of getting hung up. Does anyone have any ideas on this? Perhaps I shouldn't be worried? Any and all thoughts would be GREAT. Hitman
  15. Dahitman44

    should I buy this sled?

    To compare -- a local dealer has a 06 F6 with 2500 miles for $4100 and it looks a little beat up IMO