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  1. I am looking to get out with some friends on Yellow this year. I was wondering if anyone rents sleepers out here. Even if it isn't anything formal we would like to rent something. The proximity to the casino is our draw Let me know if you, or anyone you know of rents houses. THANKS!
  2. I am looking to fish in a bass league Wednesday nights here in the metro. I know of one on Tuesday, but that doesn't work for me. Competitiveness, level of fisherman, and price isn't to important. It just needs to be Wednesday night. Let me know if you know of anything. Thanks.
  3. Yes mine has those too, I forgot to mention that mine had never popped and just to make sure I still checked them all and pushed them in.
  4. Here is a boat riddle. I have a Warrior Eagle V177 Tiller. For 1 the thing is awesome. But in the fall (before river fishing season and possible ice up of pumps) both my livewell pumps stopped working. I think it is just a fuse (or a different power issue) since the lights don't come on and I know it is common to blow them if anything is getting clogged in your intake. No lights come on on either the front or rear instrument cluster panel livewell switches. So I went looking everywhere in the boat for the fuse on these but to no avail. I assume it is an in-line 2 amp fuse (I believe the pum
  5. After using a buddies Nils auger last weekend you have to be kidding with how awesome these augers cut. So light, and cuts through 2 feet of ice in 5-6 seconds. Then I read some reviews and I am totally sold. So I have come to the realization that I just have to drop the coin on one. I want to buy one local to the twin cities area but I am not sure which stores carry a 6" auger with the long 48" shaft. I have found a few on the internet, but like I said I want to buy it from a store. If you know anywhere that carries them let me know, thanks a ton. ~Evan
  6. Recently I was going to get a higher thrust trolling motor for my boat. I found that some people just change out the lower unit part to a higher thrust one and it is much cheaper. I have 54pound 12v, looking to up grade to 70 or 80 pound 24v. Any tips? or has anyone else tried this?
  7. This summer I bought this boat and it comes with three seats. The boat is rated for max of four people. There is a good spot where I could put a 4th seat in, I would preferable like it to match (doesn't need to be air ride either), but similar colors would be fine. I have mainly just looked around the internet. I haven't checked with warrior, or any marinas, or boat dealers, or even Overtons. It seems like there aren't anyone out there selling specific boat seats. Any help would be greatly appriciated, thanks!
  8. Whoops, was looking at an old page!
  9. WOW! I was about to post a pic, but don't want to be the person posting a 12.5" crappie after a 17" Slabasorus ha, Nice crappies
  10. Matt, do you think there is any chance the DNR moves the walleye (and pike) opener to a week or two later due to the late spawn? I would prefer they don't, but what is your thoughts? Has that ever happened ? I may be too much of a young pup since I don't remember a time it was...
  11. I have been fishing some lakes here in the metro that have near 18" of ice still. That is after you get past the 10-15' of shallow open water. I know the further north you go some places are reporting up to as much as 30" of ice. Looking at Brained, and even farther north, the next week is supposed to stay around freezing. Is it possible there is somewhere in MN where you can ice fish into May? Maybe even ice fish for Walleye on the opener on the 11th of May? Any chance the DNR moves the walleye opener. As a die hard ice fisherman, these questions intrigue me. What are your thoughts?
  12. When you go to their HSOforum you used to be able to click in the middle of the screen and then zoom around the US looking at lake maps at your pleasure. Now when I click this it says unauthorized. Anyone have any idea what is going on?
  13. Here is an MN ice fishing Harlem Shake Vid that you can waste 30 sec. of your life watching! http://youtu.be/CEJblCOYJjE
  14. Bought a new power cord (vex head to battery) and that was it. She is running as good as new now. Old cord was slightly corroded upon further inspection , thanks again everyone
  15. I am looking to rent one instead of doing two separate ones for a group of buddys for a weekend. Do these exist? Like we are talking maybe a 12x24 with 20 holes? I thought I saw one online but can't find it now. Let me know it can be out of Baudette or anywhere on MN side. Thanks
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