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  1. I can see the access areas getting pretty beat up, but I dont"t think it will be that devastaing for the rest of the lake ice. That is if it doesn't stay tooo! warm tooo! long. The lakes I have been on this past week have a good 14 inches of ice. The predicted rain for Friday could make it a slippery day on the ice. I was just getting to really like driving out. Be Safe
  2. Try your local NAPA. that is where I got mine- 2 oz.
  3. Rube

    latest project

    Neat looking-Stay out of the wind!!!
  4. Just wondering where you can get 8 percent. Sounds like a great gift for the grandkids to me.
  5. Welcome Sammy - The top two pictures are from an ice castle setup for a 6 1/2 X 12 with a cable setup. Bottom picture is the one on my ice house- with a strap setup. Both have the following: The tube is 2 1/2 " sq. 3/16" wall Pipe is 2" OD 1 1/2" ID Shaft 1 1/2" ( Machined down to fit into pipe for a slip fit ) Myself- I believe I would buy a set before building them again. Should have taken more pictures during fab.
  6. Great thread and some very good tips. One I have -is to use the foam type ear plugs as a way of keeping my ice jigs organized and keeping the hook tips protected.
  7. I also had to use a torch and porta power to remove the pivots, I had faithfully greased them, but the grease was not getting all the way around the shaft. I now do the same as Boxcar46 and crappiekid. On mine there is a bolt/ nut and a 1" spacer that holds the pivot shaft on the axle. That too was frozen "rusted" to the main axle. Had a hard time removing the pivot arm- even after I got it to rotate. I don't think my problem was with the type of grease (marine grade), it just wasn't getting all the way around the shaft or under the spacer. This spring I may look at putting a grease groove in to help distribute the grease or maybe adding another zerk on the back side. But I will still pull them off ,clean and grease them at the end of the season. Good Luck with yours
  8. Before and during the season I give the smaller dia. poles of my flip-over a nice coating of Johnsons paste wax. Makes them slide easier.
  9. Have a pair of reader glasses on hand just for retying. I get mine at a higher magnification than if I would be using them for reading, makes that 2 and 3 lb. much easier to work with.
  10. Tried to PM you with info and my phone #- got this message. fishinnut_3446 is over their Private Topic limit. Anyway he still has it, but it is at their cabin. can not confirm the size. We bought them at the same time and mine measures. 54" X 70", outside dim. and approx. 52" X 68" door opening. Give or take a 1/4 " It is pretty cold out there measuring. But it is making ice. He is thinking $150. But I think there is some room for negotiating. Told me he is going to the cabin this weekend and would bring it back. Try to PM me. If that does not work, we should be able to get our phone #'s.
  11. A buddy of mine replaced his ice castle double door with a single one. I am pretty sure he still has the double door, are you still looking? It was in good shape. I am sure if he has it - the price would be right. How soon do you need it?
  12. Welcome to HSO Musky Jo For info on insulating portables, type in -Reflectix- in the search window on the left hand side of the screen, right above the area of clasifides. That search has worked the best for me. There is a lot of good info there and pictures to go with it. I am in the process of redoing mine and will be trying to incorporate some velcro to help hold it in place. Good Luck
  13. If you can, I would also recommend lowering the ice house and with slack in the cable, rotate the swing arm when you grease it. That seems to work the grease all the way around the shaft. Also the end spacer needs to be lubed. The shaft and arm for the "ice castle" design has a spacer on the outer end of the shaft and does "not" have a grease zerk. After very little use of my wheeler the last couple of years, the spacer end ring actually rusted to the shaft. Had to use a torch / heat to break it loose. Part of my scheduled maint. will be to make sure it gets lubed! Good Luck Fishing
  14. Looks Store Bought- nice job, and using the Raptor coating rather than paint is a cool idea. Have a couple of questions: Did you use extra braces on the corners? 1/2 ply doesn't give much area for screws, nails etc. How much strength do you think the coating helps on the corners? Good Luck Fishing
  15. Rube

    Which Sled

    Last week I got the last one they had "on hand" at BP -FF, for $130.00. Took a while for them to find it, Friday and Sat I modified my Old Eskimo Quik Flip II to fit on it. I must say it is working out pretty darn good. I have read on the forums of people doing it. I modified the bracket's, so that it will fit under my toneou cover, and the 64" length lets me close the tailgate. DTro Thanks for the heads up on the deal.
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