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  1. Hi All March is here and travel conditions are better then it’s been all year. ? Cheers ?
  2. Nice fish Mister MAD - new snow today around 6 inches - going to be a rough ride after all the drifts harden look forward to wetting a line together cheers
  3. Hi All Well hoping that's the last of the bone chilling temps. Ice travel has been outstanding. Picked up some crappies before the new year, even got a chance to fish with my daughter. Did a little Laker fishing - more looker then takers. But hey that's fishing Cheers Robert - photo credit Vic & Dots
  4. Hi All August is here and the hot hot weather I dislike Lots of family fishing so numbers are what the kids want so they are having a blast - Pike , Pike and more pike . I got to hang out with my brother in law to do a little fishing and hooked a nice one Cheers heres a post that if from August - hmmm September post coming lol
  5. Hi All Had two days of wind , water temp was up to 67 but dropped to around 64 Lots of Pike and Smallies , The Walleyes are hit n miss on the south end of WhiteFish. Lake Trout are on the move to deeper water Tight Lines Robert
  6. HI All MNR has lifted fire ban Wood Fired shore lunches are a go again cheers Robert
  7. Hi All Been a fun fishing winter do far , Lakers , crappies and Walleyes slowed down over that cold snap But still put some nice fish on the ice . Good travelling little to no slush Couple pictures , maybe even one of me cheers Robert
  8. Good Monday Morning Ice conditions for snowmoblie travel is outstanding. Lakers in 30- 45 fow. Crappies are hot hot hot right now. (We caught them deep over 30 fow) catch em you keep them depth - Stopped along the way back to camp and picked up some Nice Perch. Walleyes are on the list today.. Cheers Robert A couple pictures from weekend
  9. Good Monday Morning All - Happy New Year We have Winter finally - I have found ice thickness of 5 inches to 8.5 inches on south end of WhiteFish Bay - there was some slush around the canoe channel it has now frozen over - There is a one to two inches of snow on most of lake Obabikon Lake Does have Slush Lake Trout fishing is good By Wednesday this week we will be in Full Ice Fishing Mode at Vic & Dots Cheers and stay safe Robert
  10. Hi All Did a short check of Ice - there was 5 inches beside my uncles house around the corner from camp - ( There was 4.5 December 24 - this was a area with no snow) Where there is snow Less then 4 inches ice - Water on ice under Snow - I am thinking ten days or more before safe travel on WhiteFish Bay I will be checking again after the first Stay Safe out there - crazy ice conditions Robert
  11. Hi All WhiteFish Bay is starting to make ice I will not be checking till December 28 on thickness Stay safe Merry Christmas Robert
  12. Warm weather  -

    not enough safe ice - Sitting in the deer stand .... 


  13. Hey All Colder weather = Ice Fishing Ten Days till the St Paul Ice Fishing Show at the River Centre Vic & Dots Camp will be there in Booth # 706A Did anyone catch the "Across the Ice Belt" on Fox Sports net It's also on Ice Team forum here on HotSpotsOutdoors "Lake of the Woods triathlon " Walleyes , Crappies and Lake Trout Cheers Robert
  14. If this is the kind of fishing you are looking for - and would like to chat about a trip. Vic & Dots Camp will be at the St. Paul Ice Fishing Show - Booth #706A Cheers Robert Tolen
  15. Hi All The week has been great weather , and great fishing Everything is taking to a hook Walleyes on reefs minnows and a jig 18-22 fow Pike 6-10 Fow Spoons - Small & Large mouth fishermen are gearing up for the Sioux Narrows (Bassin for Bucks) tournament - Guided groups for Walleyes , Muskies & Pike this week , Here are some of the high lights Cheers Robert
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