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  1. Needs valve cover replaced on drivers side. Some original covers had pvc valve in bad spot.
  2. OLE77

    Canadian Bacon

    Yep. He's still posting lots of good stuff.
  3. Sure wish the lead thread in this forum could be usable. If it and other threads are obsolete why don't they just get deleted?
  4. OLE77

    Siding questions.

    Check out LP Smartside. IMO, as good as or better than cement board , and a lot easier to install. Regular saw blades and tools.
  5. Trailer fuses are in the fuse block under the hood. Each item has its own fuse. Left turn ,right turn, brake etc.. Cant think they would all be out at the same time. Have you hooked a trailer with bad wiring up to it recently?
  6. OLE77

    Earliest Ever

    Last of the snow disappeared Yesterday. Warmer temps this weekend hopefully gets the frost to start coming out. Don't think we will be planting any time soon.
  7. OLE77

    Whole Meat Jerky

    Hey Rh, you going to post a detailed recipe on the whole process for this Teriyaki Beef? Looks awesome.
  8. OLE77

    Pork Briskets

  9. OLE77

    Hear any good jokes?

    ??? Ok got it . Toooo many Busch Lights AFTER work.
  10. OLE77

    Hear any good jokes?

    THANK God we got off the Ole Jokes.
  11. OLE77

    Spice Hoarder

    Not a Prime Rib fan Smurf. Rosemary, Thyme, Basil. Slow cook and enjoy.
  12. Thanks Borch. Lots of good stuff in that thread.
  13. OLE77

    Fish breading

    That's the recipe we use. Can't beat the Greek cavenders.
  14. OLE77

    Well put a fork in it!

    140 miles today. Trails really good.