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  1. Switches for nav lights, spot light, and graph, wirings a bit sloppy but im a pipefitter not electrician! Graph and Ram mount.
  2. Thanks guys. Im pretty pumped! Hoping to break that 28" Channel cat mark this year. Be nice to catch a Flathead, but probably pretty hard to come by up here. Is it possible to get up the crow at all from the Mississippi? What other fish are worth targeting on the river up here? Oh, and I got the rod holders mounted, navigation lights installed and wired, graph installed, battery/battery box installed, and I ran an extra set of wires up front for some type of spotlight, any suggestions? Just need a trolling motor, life jackets, anchor(suggestions?), some type of switches for lights...ect., and
  3. Im hoping I don't have to make to long of runs. I live in Elk River, so I plan on fishing up here mostly. The boat is actually a Mod v so hopefully that helps break the waves a little. I watched a youtube video of this boat with a 9.9 @ 20mph on a lake woth no gear and one guy so it will be interesting to see how it does up stream!
  4. Well, its not new...but new to me. 2009 Lowe 1448M Jon, with a late-mid eighties Johnson 15 horse, and a Shorelandr trailer. Im curious how it will handle in the Mississippi? Is it enough motor? Boat big enough for two, maybe occasionally three guys? How would you rig it? Purchase so far are 4 360ht Cabelas rod holders, a Lowrance Elite 4, and a Ram mount for it. Things I want to add...trolling motor, navigational lights, battery, anchor cleats, seats, and maybe a spot light. I also plan on using it for duck hunting, so id like most of the fishing stuff to be easily detachable. Any tips or adv
  5. Its not damaged terribly, but has a couple decent dings and I figured i'd get a new one snd keep this for a spare.
  6. It doesn't bother me terribly, Ijust thought if it was supposed to go x amount of mph, and doesnt something must be awry, and because Ineed a new prop anyway iI thought I would see what others thought before deciding. It may be a mounting issue or just misinformation from the dealers. As far as the motor goes. im very happy with everything else about it. If it came with no motor, id probably buy the same one!. The boat is rated for a 140, so I think my 115 4 stroke has got to be close in weight.
  7. GPS, my spedometer is about 2mph faster than GPS. I will talk to them and get more details. I noticed when taking corners while pulling a tube it sounds like the motor cavitates pretty easy.
  8. I talked to two different Crestliner/Yamaha dealers(Rapid marine in Rogers and Ham lake) and a dealer that sells Yamaha motors/g3 boats.(Hannays) Your boat is a foot longer, weighs almost 200 pounds more and has 20 more horse, ehich equals 4-5 mph?
  9. Ok, with two guys and fishing gear it ran just shy of 6k rpms and topped out at 35. It was a bit windier today than the last time I was out...but not much. Final thoughts anyone? So to sum it up I have a 17 pitch alumium prop, fully loaded with 5 people 5750 rpms and 34-36 mph. With 2 people, 5900 rpms and 34-35 mph.
  10. ok, when trimmed down on the trailer the cavitation plate is level withe lowest spot on the back of the boat.(the bottom of the little rib below the plug.
  11. Ok, a couple google searches gave me an understanding of what your asking. I'll check tomorrow when I can pull the boat out and remove transom saver. Should the motor be trimmed all the way down while measuring this?
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