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  1. bbfenatic

    Wild 18/19

    IMO this team on paper appears even worse than last year. The once "young kids" really have not shown they can be go to guys other than maybe Zucker and Granlund and the "new" young kids are so unproven they cannot be considered for big contributions. Our Contract situation is not good, our available spend is not good and IMO Koivu, Parise, Stall, Suter are all on the way down. Our off-season signings do not excite me in the least and IMO we will only go as far as our Defense and Dubnyk will take us....which points to a possible Wild Card spot and another early exit. JT will win
  2. From what I read the idiot did not tell anybody....was asked to play in the World's and declined saying his wrists hurt so they made him go in and found the torn tendons...what a duffus.
  3. I am hoping the new GM scrutinizes every one on the team without a NTC and even approaches Koivu about waiving his...Russo wrote a great article on The Athletic today answering a lot of Wild Fan's questions that digs a little deeper into our predicament.
  4. I see a pattern I hate to see from any player....Granlund in the last 2 seasons combined: April 2G/3A Playoff Totals last 2 yrs combined 1G/4A Those are terrible end of year stats for any player...I just think he is too small and plays even smaller...when the going gets tough he disappears..he probably is just worn out come late in the season and we need players who can step up when we need them most.
  5. Season ended just like I thought it would and happy Leipold held true to his word and moved on from Fletcher...he did some good things but overall did a poor job building a team that can compete at a high level unfortunately. It will be interesting to see how the new GM handles this situation...getting rid of under-performers will not be easy and what in return? Going to be one of those down before heading back up deals. Coyle will be the first to go IMO, Granny can go as far as I'm concerned...gotta sign Zucker even though he was terrible in the playoffs, Nino is a question mark, Staal might
  6. Most important game of the series IMO.....5-2 Jets
  7. Agree...no matter how you slice it we were dominated....we capitalized a couple times on the few chances we had and Dubs shut down the Jets...I look for Jets domination to continue and scores to get more lopsided...we may get a win at home but overall Jets are bigger, faster, stronger. One more thing....Koivu's $12 milion extension is looking worse and worse IMO...can't even just win face offs in a crunch time situation.
  8. With or without Suter I don't like our chances against the Jets....unless Dubs stands on his head...1st goal in these games is crucial.
  9. Agree...it was a good weekend...and now with Greenway coming on board we may get to move Ennis to the stands.
  10. I think these next 2 games....even though they are at home...will give us a glimpse on how they will fair come playoff time. A little too inconsistent for me to be hopeful they can make a deep run...and quite frankly I think Stalock is more stable in the net than Dubs and how the tending goes so goes the team....especially in the playoffs.
  11. Good news is that a lot of teams chasing us in the West are stumbling down the stretch...IMO we are in unless a complete collapse, now a matter of who we play in the first round.
  12. I just hope we have not become a one trick pony and we can get other lines going before playoff time or it will be difficult to compete. at a higher level. Where are Nino and Coyle and Ennis and Cullen, and Winnick, and Foligno, etc?
  13. All the teams in the race made good moves and got stronger....going to be fun to see how it all unfolds...tought to bet against Pitt and TB. Hope the Wild can continue the hot streak and that nobody else gets a long term injury...peaking too ealry or just the right time? Also, that give and go between Spurg and Zucker was one of the better plays the Wild have had in a long time IMO...Zucker's maturity this year has been incredible....sure wish Fletch had not spent that foolish money on Koivu and locked up Zucker for at least 5 more yrs.
  14. Winnipeg Jets...your 2018 Stanley Cup Champions. Poor Fletch....wishing he could...but can't....by his own past doings....ride it out and see what happens!
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