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  1. I borrowed my buddies 3 place sledbed until we could find one of our own. Today I go to transfer the sleds and apparently someone decided they needed the ramp pretty bad, lock was cut and ramp was gone. Looking to buy one new or used, any help is greatly appreciated!!!
  2. I use my 1199 in the truck and just bought a ducer for my Canada rig. I have loves fishing with it the last two weeks.
  3. Drifts are starting to build and become unseeable, pulled out quite a few guys and got stuck 4 times the three days we fished.
  4. Headed out Sunday for 5 days just checking to see if we need the snowmobiles or not.
  5. Going to send it in as soon as the new blade gets here, drilled with my buddies sm that I got Him today and it's a killer with all that torque.
  6. Ahh, I was following northlanders break in regimine I found on here, and yes to the choke playing.
  7. Bought a nils this morning. Ran two tanks of 80:1 through it with the head off. Took it out to the lake still running that mix and it would bog down every 4-5". Cuts like butter but only 5" at a time, all my buddies said take it back and go back to using my old jiffy but I love punching a ton of holes and really just want to get the nils running right. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Any reports on ice thickness? I am headed to Camp Grafton tomorrow for a two week school and am bringing my fishing stuff for the evenings off.
  9. Green canvas, one dime sized hole and the window needs to be sewn back in. New style square tubing, hyfax and a green cover. $325
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