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  1. Self hunt over bait be the sons first and my 2nd shot my 1st one with archery equipment.
  2. I also apply for Zone D you can request a harvest tag every year if you want you don't need to just apply for preference point people been getting kill tags anywhere from 5 to 7 points witch is actually years. Seeing this year me and the Son are both on 5 I just went for the point and him a kill tag ill do that until he gets his kill tag then the following year I get my kill tag. I wouldn't contact a outfitter until you know you have been selected for a kill. The answer to you other question is you will be going in with 5 points after you apply next year so I would start selecting harvest tag.
  3. tacklejunkie ------Yes I like the stand in south superior, He is a honest fellow picks his crawlers I buy from him regularly 1 time I put money in slot without looking wanted 10 dozen well the cooler was short so I left a little note with cell number on it within a couple hours he text me told me to just take the missing ones anytime.
  4. awhile ago i changed my pass word on HSO and while i did everything Gunner55 said to do it was not working ready to throw the computer out the window and went to the old back up and made a phone call for the info i was looking for. well last night at work it dawned on me request a new pass word from fishing minnesota and walla i got right in. sometime the smallest things are the hardest.
  5. gunner55 and everyone else thank you for all the help finally got logged on my darn pass words did not match. im in like flyn now. Thanks again
  6. Thank for all the help guys but it still will not let me log into that site. what the heck
  7. so i am a member of HSO but when i go down to upper red lake lake forum the new minnesota thing do i have to make a new acct cause when i try to sign in it does not let me?
  8. mudstick ridgid foam and throw a EFIS stucco system on it exterior insulation finnish system
  9. My son drew a zone 7 tag gonna be a new experiance as we have never left Douglas county before. Now to figure out public hunting land. and if there are any birds there. Any help would be great. thank You
  10. The son got his card today for zone 7 its going to be a new experiance for us as we hunt zone 6 so have to learn zone 7
  11. Any kind of report For Toversons or Chicago bay Fish biting are they driving around? Any info would be great
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