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  1. picks,have you checked amaze n products? not to far of a drive and they have the best price i have found ,but you have to pick it up your self they carry lumber jack brand
  2. I also have a TB Quiverstick with the syncork handel. one of the best panfish rods i own and one of the first i grab, don't know if you need a trip wire on it as its so light you can feel the water going up and down in your hole when a truck goes by, if i need to use a spring bobber i grab my st croix ultra light with a spring bobber on it. they will both put fish in the bucket.
  3. chimney is open about two inches and last i checked the drip pan was clear of heat probe and i punched a hole in the tin foil where the hole in the drip pan is but will double check thanks, do you have the jim bowie ? picks
  4. i to picked one up this spring i went with a jim bowie and love it i have done ribs, wings, rib eyes, venison,beer can chicken and more,i can't tell any different flavor between pellets i tried gmg compation blend ,pit boss lumber jack in maple, cherry hickory,and like them all also went with a amaze smoke tube for added smoke flavor and they work great. the only thing with the grill is it takes sooo long to get to and hold the temp on start up/ and now trying to move the heat shields around i'm using all three ? any one have any tips on what works for you on these?
  5. I think St.cloud has a city hunt also St.johns is having a archery only hunt again this year check the MN. DNR HSOforum for more.
  6. great story great pics great bird keep m coming donbo and + 90 on the last picture. it dont get much better then that
  7. the first thing i smoked was some baby back ribs turned out great and not that expensive if they don't turn out pork butt is another one that's good you cant beat a pulled pork sandwich. brisket is good also if you can find a good one for the smoker the burnt ends are excellent.and you got to try one of them northerns you spear they are one of my favorite smoked fish. have fun and enjoy the smoker
  8. had the same thing happen to me a few years back when it was really cold i fixed it by clearing the frost off the screen on the bottom of the regulator it seemed like it wasn't getting enough air gas mix hope it works for you
  9. thanks guys for the replies was hoping to fine one locally, going to order one and see if they can get it to me with out breaking it .labs4me i will definitely give that a try it sounds good.
  10. will this work on meat? thinking on trying to brine some venison and smoking it. A local meat market brine's beef then smokes it and it is so good i want to try it on venison
  11. Its been many many year since i've speared long before the under water camera.but i think that would of help me pick a spot look for a some what shallow place with good bait fish they feed on. Not familiar with the lake you mentioned. You might get a better response in the bowfishing/spearing form there are alot of good people there that can answer your question. Good luck.
  12. That's all we ever use made hundreds of pounds of sausage with them never had a problem with it.The only problem is finding one. Like blackjack said wash with hot soapy water and your ready for the next batch.
  13. do they come in diffrent size ?. so far what i seen on the shelf is one size in differnt colors, would like to get the maki a little bigger in size if they make it.
  14. I have a Indy 500 and never had any trouble with power but then again it's not a 2 up, but have had 2 people on it and where pulling three otters with a third person in one of the otters on l.o.w with no problems, the snow wasn't real deep .if you use common sense the 500 will be fine. if you hit deep slush on the lake your done. As for the others my next sled will have reverse and maybe a long track.
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