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  1. PGF


    Not sure why this posted three times and I can't delete any of them...
  2. PGF


    Anyone going up on the 8th? Rengel wants another shot at the prestigious Nord Lord title, and me too! And quickfishnoob. Pretty sure there's ice this time.
  3. PGF

    Will it sink?

    It's made of wood. It'll probably float for a while at least, regardless of ice thickness
  4. PGF

    Spear ID?

    I think I found a match. A guy on a Facebook decoy market place has a picture of one just like it made by Joe Portner Jr. I can't seem to find anything out about him but some history would be interesting. Thanks MJ, I'm good with Fletch anyway, it flows a little better I think
  5. PGF

    Spear ID?

    Hey guys, it's me PGF. Been a long time since I've posted and couldn't get logged on as old PGF so I'm busted down to newbie. Anyhoo, I saved this spear from the scrap yard and was wondering if you guys had any idea where it might have been made? It has MK or MN i think stamped near the business end. It's hard to tell for sure what letters they are. Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks
  6. PGF

    Winnie gtg Dec. 2-4

    Rengel and I are for sure coming up still. I think I'm going to bring the boat and pull some rapalas around. Should we still do the Friday night pizza and potluck Saturday? I'd be up for it
  7. PGF

    Winnie gtg Dec. 2-4

    Well that's just super. I'll certainly email whomever we need to, but worst case scenario we could just go on Dixon lake couldn't we? I always kind of wanted to try that lake out anyway...
  8. PGF

    Winnie gtg Dec. 2-4

    Where did you guys see this? I can't find anything about it?
  9. PGF

    Winnie gtg Dec. 2-4

    Rengel thinks he's reclaiming the nord Lord title this year, we'll see about that... We'll be there!
  10. PGF

    5 tine challenge Jan. 9

    Lol! Is that thing just freeze dried? My wife would also be really thrilled if I brought that home!
  11. PGF

    One of a kind Christmas present!

    That's really cool!
  12. I'll be a definite maybe also, don't get off work till about 7:30 that morning so it will depend how my night goes, but I'll pack my stuff up to leave from work. I'll bring some little smokies if I make it
  13. My dad, I and rengel will be up early afternoon
  14. I think rengel is going to make some tuna salad, might bring some lil smokies
  15. Man that was cold last year!